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Done the NHS weight loss plan?

Did you follow the 12-week NHS weight loss plan?


I'm looking to interview people who have successfully lost weight following the NHS weight loss plan to inspire others to lose weight and improve their health.

If you would like to take part, please send me a direct message.

Thank you!


Live Well editor

NHS Choices

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Hi- I'm only into week 4 but it is definitely working for me so far...!


Good luck. Let me know how you get on and we can perhaps do the interview when you're done. Cheers.


Hi there,

I've done it twice since Christmas and lost about 16kg. Its good. To be fair its common sense less in, more exercise and you will lose weight.

I've noticed weight loss, reduction in waist, i've managed to start running again after knee injury. All positive outcomes. I've been cycling to work too to get exercise in but not disrupt routine too much as have a 1 year old baby in the house so don't get too much time in the evenings. I'm feeling better, looking better, fitter and healthier.

I plan to do another 12 weeks starting August to get down to target of 85kg which means my BMI will be back in healthy range.

Can only reccommend to people. Why pay expensive diet club fees when this info is readily available and works for free??

I'm happy to share more info if you want. I have my calorie intake logs and weight loss logs over time if they are of any use to share with people.



Hi i like to do it but can't be bothered with too many passwords.


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