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Can't stop thinking about food!!

Hi all

I began the 12 week challenge (it will be a challenge for me!) yesterday. I want to lose around 25lbs to get down to a healthy weight.

I have always loved food but managed to keep my weight at a sensible level. However,my dad died last year and I began comfort eating. I put on around a stone and a half in a year or so and want to lose this . Food became a huge comfort for me and I just ate as and when I wanted to....

However the only problem now is that I just can't stop thinking about food! Literally all the time,I'm thinking about chocolate,chips etc and all the other yummy things that I want to eat!

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this?! I've tried doing something to distract myself but it never lasts long.

Thanks all :)

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Personally, I've decided that I'm addicted to crisps, choc, cakes, biscuits etc - basically processed sugary/fatty crap so I made a decision 12 days ago to not eat any at all as if I start I know from past experience that I won't be able to stop. Once I had made my mind up I felt fine and I haven't had any cravings. Every time I think of these foods now I just think of how they are not really food and they are just over processed high calorie, high sugar non food and my body deserves better. Treat yourself to some lovely cherries (in season) or a juicy mango or something that tastes good, gives you a bit of sweetness but won't bust the calories?

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If you are eating a very low fat diet, or if your food intake is too low, this may be keeping you feeling hungry.

Alternatively you may be addicted to the food, as Jlmitch has written about. Bear in mind that junk food is deliberately made to be addictive. It took me several goes to get over my sugar addiction, some people find it better to give up completely, others phase it out gradually.

There are various sites giving advice on how to beat your cravings. Hope you can find a way to beat this.




Have you tried going out for a walk? I used to have a really bad diet, lived on coke and chocolate, i'm pretty sure I was addicted to sugar. What worked for me is eating a decent breakfast then not taking money to work with me so I couldn't buy anything there. At weekends or evenings if I was on my own and wanted a treat I went for a walk, without money as soon as the craving hit, if I left it to long I would just go and buy something. Now I've managed to cut a lot out and the cravings are going, the coke is still a problem but I don't 'need' chocolate anymore. I think that's about training yourself, if you do something often enough like go for a walk when you start craving something then it gets easier to not have it or think about it.

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Hi you mention you love food - are you able to find some really good main meal recipes that you can look forward to preparing and eating? I find this helps me cut sugar cravings most (not all) the time. Good luck


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