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Lost my motivation :-(

I have been dieting since January '14, and have lost 4 stone yay! But, I now seem to have lost my motivation and my weight is staying the same. we are planning to try for baby number 2 in September and ideally would really like another stone off atleast by then. I am currently 17 stone 12. I lost 8 stone a couple of yrs ago but I put a lot back on after the birth of my daughter. I originally started at 23 stone 1 and I got down to 15 stone 1. Swimming helps a lot with weightloss for me but I havn't been able to go for a while because of agonising back pain! Help!

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Hello Mandamoodles, first of all congrats on the 4 stones a great achievement!

My advice is try not to think of it as dieting, just accept that you are eating healthier and don't deny yourself the foods you love, even if they are terrible. A small serving now and then really helps me from retreating into the junk zone binge. Losing weight doesn't have to be torture, and if it is then reveiw what you are eating there is always going to be something new you discover which is healthy and which you geniunely enjoy.

Good luck

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Thankyou :) x


Mandamoodles, you've done just brilliantly losing 4 stone! Close your eyes and think of how you felt when you decided to lose the weight. You have a fantastic reason for wanting to lose the weight! How great is it going to be in September when you have done what you set out to do! Maybe have a look at what you are eating? Have portion sizes gone up? Have you got in a food rut, eating the same things all the time? You are setting a brilliant example to your child by eating healthily so keep going, you can do it!


Get some advice during pregnancy, so you don't gain so much this time


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