Weight loss buddy!

Hi all I am still pretty new to this weightless stuff and I would love it if I had someone on hand to motivate me to reach my goals and the same for me to do for you! I really need to get myself motivated because I am nearly 18 stone and I'm only 20! Tried a lot of different techniques but nothing seems to stick for long! Can anybody out there help!


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  • I am super keen to encourage you as I too am new to this particular program, I have only just started though so GRIN I may not be as accomplished as you - I have already lost alot of weight but I have over 33 pounds to go :) well done to you for making this decision at 20 years of age that is AWESOME :) Lets see how we both go, expecting ups and downs BUT praying for mostly UP's on the positives not the weight !

  • Just make small changes like 2 a week.to be more realistic with what you are cape able of doing,I once read in a mag forget about your weight and just go for a healthy life style and the weight will take care of its self.walking is realty good,set a distance,stop for a coffee and walk back,take a pack lunch if its nice weather,I lost 4 and half stone last year,just by walking ,taking a lunch and my kindle,spending an hour or 2 sat people watching and reading,then a walk back.but I put 2 back on so just done week 1 of couch to 5 kl run program,and I am 64,yea you got to push yourself a bit,but once again its changing .go on have a go ,its gradual results but when you got a weight problem ,you are in it for the long haul,so its just a case of getting started,come on you can x

  • That's excellent what you have achieved already! I know how it feels, I lost 6 stone a few years back and I've now put it all back on. I am 27 years old, 20st 11lbs and have a baby on the way. I just can't seem to get the motivation or into the mentality I was in when I was 21-22! I know having a baby should be the motivation I need, but just can't get in the zone! So some one to go along with would also do me real good! Although someone to actually go and do things with would be even better, as I have an issue with going to the gym on my own!

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  • Thank you all, I woke up this morning without snoozing my alarm, had my herbalife and now I'm off to the gym to do my couch 2 5k for the first day! My main problem is my food I think. If I fancy something I will keep thinking about it til I get it! But I think seeing that 18 on the scales was the turning point and I am hoping that whenever I fancy something that will flash in my head! Would any of you like to have a weekly weigh I'm with me, maybe talk about what worked for you, what didn't etc? I'd really like that!

  • Weekly weigh in sounds good to me! Need to get back on track!

  • Are you on the C25K support group here? They are super active and supportive.

    Use something like My Fitness Pal app to track your calories. Give yourself a week of tracking without dieting to get used to using it, and a feel for where you are overdoing it. They have online Social support, my user name is the same as here, Nilzed.

    Remember if you are exercising, you do need to feed your developing muscles. Dont diet too harshly. The long term fitness and healthy eating matters more than fast loss.

    Keep in mind that muscle development (weight gain) may over shadow fat burning (weight loss). Both are happening, your scale just wont show it. Learn to look for NSV's, Non Scale Victories. Loose clothing, visible muscles, increased stamina, both the cardio type and the, 'no thanks, no cake for me' type. Get your measurements done, so you can check those numbers dropping.

    I have heard good things about the 5:2 diet. You eat a healthy diet at a normal calorie level 5 days a week, and 500 calories for 2 , non-consecutive days. I am thinking of baby stepping into it with a 6:1 pattern.

  • Nilzed thats really really helpful advice I realy love the acronym NSV - NOn Scale Victories and I am so going to use that! I didnt know there was an online social support for MyFitnessPal, I shall try to find you as I am a new user of the app and find it to be AMAZING :) Best of everything to you chippies93 :)

  • Hi chippies93, you really sound positive and your in the right mindset well done! I've reached my goal weight ( I attend Weightwatchers) which has changed me in so many ways, firstly my portions I was having way too much of everything, I've lost 33lbs dropped from size 14 to a 10 and that's what keeps me on track, once you see your body changing, clothes getting loose and people noticing, it's the biggest buzz better than any cake, burger etc can give. You need to fine something to replace the things you crave, if it's sweet get some lovely sweet fruit, can of peaches with some natural yoghurt with some honey, if it's savoury get some baked crisps just have a few and save the rest. Weightwatchers chocolate bars are delicious and aren't high in calories :) good luck you will reach your goal! :)

  • Hi Tichyfeet, weightwatchers is amazing, I did it a couple years ago with my family (were all quite big) and I went from 16.11 stone down to 13. Rookie mistake though... I got lazy after that because I was happy with how I looked so I started eating snacks again... Now I regret it and when (not if) I loose it again I will not be making the same mistake again! Congratulations on your success too!

  • You seem really motivated which is amazing! I'm new to this too so It would be good to have someone to discuss things with and keep each other going. Weekly weigh ins also sound good :-)

  • Sounds brilliant, I'm probably going to do Mondays, maybe update on here every week to see how everyone is doing (if you would like to join in!) if I'm having motivation problems it will be good to have someone kick me up the bum too!

  • Hi

    I need a buddy to support me as well. I started using my fitness pal. The problem is recording everything i put in my mouth. Sometimes it is impossible. I was doing c25 k joggs around week 5 i had to stop. Because my knees completely messed up. So jogging no no area for me.I wanted to walk every day 45 mins walk. But putting its place. Good luck. I use a lot vegetables and salads end the day with healty protein. That makes me feel full

  • I weigh in on Mondays so sounds good! We can keep each other going when all we want to do is gorge on bad foods

  • Cakes are my downside

  • Sounds awesome everybody. If anyone feels themselves slipping we can post on here and hopefully everyone will help get you up again!

  • Hi all who posted! It's that day! I weighed myself this morning and I am happy to say I have already lost 4lb! How did everyone else do?

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