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Lean whey protien?

Hi Guys,

I was having trouble getting my calories up to 1400, so I brought things such as nuts and snack a jacks,

But I did some research and was told protien shakes support weight loss, for me I use 180 ml skimmed milk and one scoop of lean whey which hardly had any carbs or sugar or fat in it, is that okay? Or will I build muscles and get bigger?

Also I was wondering, I burn around 700 calories in an hour on the cross trainer/elliptical... I've been told burning calories makes you lose weight, however I'm told the tredmil is better for weight loss but u burn like 100 calories in 10 minutes which is so slow for me... Which is better for me to lose weight? I don't sweat on the cross trainer but I sweat buckets on the tredmill

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I can't help with the first bit but can offer advice on the second. There is no consistent way to measure calories used during exercise, even gym machines aren't 100% reliable. Burning calories through exercise does help with weightloss but you also need healthy eating. I don't know about supplements to know if they do the job or not. When i'm exercising I tend to go off how i'm breathing as calories burn best at a higher heart rate, if you're heart rate is higher on the treadmill than the cross trainer then I would think this is burning more calories. I find I have a more successful weightloss week if i've been doing exercises which make me pant for about 30 minutes, not too heavy as I don't want to pass out but if i'm panting then my heart rate is up. There are plenty of websites out there that discuss optimal bpm like this one here: exercise.about.com/od/weigh... have alook around until you find one that you can work with.



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