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My weight has stuck any tips on how to get things moving again

At my heaviest I was 19st 7lbs, I got down to 15st 10lbs and sadly I gained weight again (16st 8lbs) and now it won’t move down, I am in my 50s and retired and a full time carer for my wife and daughter who are disabled

I had a car wreck about 35 years ago so running is out, I walk about 6 miles a day

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When you say running is 'out' what do you mean? If you actually fancy the idea of running, someone who is able to walk 6 miles a day is quite likely to be able to run. That's given the right programme (ie the NHS C25K programme) and care with footwear and running surface and focusing on a running motion rather than speed. I find running is often gentler on my body than a brisk walk.

That said, lots of other ways to increase your activity level. It is addressing your intake though which will help most.


I had a bad car wreck many years ago and broke both legs, lucky to walk again, my wife has M/S and I take her with me she uses a wheelchair


It can be tricky to increase activity if those you care for cannot be left - parents of young children often find this. But if you are fit to be pushing a wheelchair you may be more capable than you think (and fitter than you think too!) Have you discussed with your loved ones how you could increase your activity levels? They may have some ideas that you may have assumed were not possible. It is very much in their interests to reduce the risk of you becoming unable to care for them! Are there things they would like to do themselves eg would going to a pool work?

Do you know how/why the weight went back on? What worked for you last time? Did the weight come back fairly quickly or did it creep up very slowly.


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