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Trying to become a healthier version of me…Need help!

I am a 19 year old female at about 5'7 and 140 lbs. I am aware that this is within the normal BMI range, however, thanks to the notorious freshman 15 (I actually gained about 10 pounds), I am not where I want to be. It is not so much the weight that I have an issue with, but it is the fact that my unhealthy habits cannot be good for my health and my body. Weight loss will hopefully just be an added benefit :) I am ready for a lifestyle change. Where should I start? How long will it take to start seeing results?

If anyone has advice, personal experiences, similar circumstances, or encouragement please let me know!

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Try to adopt good habits, drink water, not too much booze! Eat lots of veg, raw or cooked, be mindful of portion sizes!

And try to avoid too much processed foods, get omega 3 oils for hair /skin/ nails 1000mg daily ( lidl) do them.


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