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Weight loss newbie!

How do I even begin? i have made small changes, eg cut out butter and upped water intake.

I am 5'4" and weigh 11st 6lbs, My BMI is 27.5. Looking to lose a stone and get to atleast 10st 6lbs. I have a constant bloat feeling which never goes :(

How do I begin losing weight? As weight changes throughout the day, what is the best time to weigh/measure for most accurate stats?

Sorry for silly question, but my GP was no help at all.

Thanks :)

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I find wheat causes bloating.


I would look at your diet and try and find what is making you bloated. Like janelily says it could be wheat. I used to find fizzy drinks made me bloated as well because of all the extra gas. I've cut them out totally and I'm not nearly as windy as I used to be.

As for where to start it sounds like you've made a good start by cutting down on some foods and drinking water. Drinking water is good for you. I think it's possibly the best change I ever made.

Have you had a look at the nhs 12 week plan and their healthy eating pages? I found the very helpful and a great place to start gathering info. I've lost nearly 5st now since following their advice. I cut out fizzy drinks and squash and swapped them for water, swapped whole milk for semi skimmed and reduced my calorie intake down to 1440. I bought a load of weightwatchers recipe books from whsmiths and looked online for low calorie recipes. I still allowed myself little treats but once a week Instead of every night like I was before.

If you'd prefer to not go it alone so much then you could try joining a weight loss group like weight watchers or slimming world.


Cutting out wheat is the answer to bloating for a lot of people, so try no more bread, cakes, biscuits etc. weigh yourself at the same time of day. I do it first thing in the morning when I get up. DONT weigh yourself at other times! It's about how much you are losing, that's what counts. Don't forget the exercise, even 10 minutes a couple of times a day will help, and try to do something in the evening, not just slump in front of the TV. Good luck.


Portion control is key. Try buying a slimming ready meal and you'll see the size of portion you should be aiming at. I found the key to my success was eating from small plates and I'd have a small amount of protein and a pile of steamed vegetables.

Get the free app MyFitnessPal and it will calculate what your daily calories should be in order to lose weight. Make sure you log every mouthful and it will happen.

The way I lost weight was by restricting my calories to 500 on two non-consecutive days a week and it's the first diet where my tummy went flat and I lost the dreaded spare tyre - and it's so easy to maintain your weightloss afterwards by just 'fasting' on one day a week for the health benefits.

This little video will explain more

and it really works.


Thank you for the advice everyone! Ive heard a lot about restricting yourself to two 500 calorie days, so will look into that. :D

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I find weighing at the same time every week is best. For me it is first thing Saturday morning before breakfast. I understand the bloating. For me it can be stress related and a can put on 7 inches round my waist in a day! You need to work out what makes YOU bloated - could be wheat or dairy. Could be constipation! I like the NHS 12 week plan too. Don't beat yourself up and don't give up. Your health is more important than the immediate pleasure of eating the wrong stuff! Good luck.

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