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Hi I have 12 stone to lose where do I start ??

Hi as above really I have 12 stone to lose to get to a bonkersly low bmi so I think 10 stone really I have been on s/w w/w lighterlife everything you can think of really since I was 8 im now 43 and in a mess.I love all healthy fruit and veg healthy yogs eat wholemeal etc but fall off plan all the time in groups through restrictions .... or lack of them also, I totally understand the cals in cals out ratio but haven't really tried it alongside exercise (walking 10,000 steps plus daily) so thought I would join here ... any guidance would be fab x

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I think this is the best sites. You will receive all the help you need on here. One of the best things I did to help me was not buy foods I shouldn't eat, and not taking money to work.

The most weight I have lost in the last year is 5lbs! I am obsessive about my weight. . . Stress could also be a factor. I find it difficult to eat all my allocated daily calories

My BMI is in the obese. 30.13.

My doctor has put me on ORLISTAT.

Good luck. And we'll done for joining.

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1 set your self small targets to reach, say a stone. when you've got your first stone gone a little non food treat and start on the next stone.

2 you may find to start with just eating healthy low fat food enough to loose weight. then work on portion sizes.


Remember its a lifestyle change and don't do everything at once, change one thing at a time and get support from your family and friend. Write your goal down what you are wanting and display it somewhere. If you have had a good day, refused the chocolate biscuits at work then write it down date it and how it made you feel, a positive note of how proud you are and refers to that when you are feeling low. If you do have a bad day then let it end there, don't feel too guilty, start again, you can do it. I joined slimming world, and stayed to class they have been a great support and got brill ideas, 1-2lb a week is best as it stays off longer as it means your making permanent changes, i have 4 1/2 stone to loose and got to 3 1/2 so for to get Funding for IVF, hope this all helps! Good luck!!

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Love the idea of recording when you've been strong! I started by working out my BMI using the gadget on The Live well page, then knew how many calories I needed to stay under to stay the same weight (1900) - I aim for a daily total 1400 or under (but yours may be higher if you've a lot to lose) & have a more relaxed day once a week when I stay under the 1900. That fits in with social events etc.


I too think its a great idea to focus on the positives - in the past I've only really recorded the negatives and tried to remember how bad it feels to "slip" a little to avoid feeling like that again. Recording the good things never even occurred to me.


Well done for your walking - I too wear a Fitbit and walk over 10,000 steps a day.

Now get the free app MyFitnessPal - put in your details - and it will calculate how many calories you need to stay under each day to lose weight. Then you simply log every mouthful you eat and you will lose weight!

Try eating from smaller plates too rather than a large dinner plate - that's very helpful - portion control is key.

I lost my weight (three stone) on the 5:2 Diet, so on two non-consecutive days a week I restricted myself to 500 calories on those days. It's easier than you think it will be

and very effective as well as excellent for your health. When you feel hungry you just have a no-calorie drink (mine was black coffee or herbal tea) and then keep busy - go for a walk.

Now I maintain by just 'fasting' one day a week and I make sure I weigh myself once a week to catch any rogue pounds before they multiply. I've been the same weight now since April 2013 - with any other diet, and I've tried most of them, I'd have yoyoed it all back on again, and more.

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I had about 9 stone to loose I did loose 4last year but now put 2 back on,I am now back on a posative track,so here goes again,just small steps in the right direction ,make 2 changes a week ,then it don't feel so drastic. Set yourself realistic goals,short term and long term,and just keep going forward don't look back,don't be too hard on yourself,keep a dairy of your food intake and your exersise ,make your weight loss a project ,go on u can do it


You can do it WK....I know that when you get your brain in gear and start it will happen. I plan to lose 5 1/2 stone and that's too daunting for me to aspire to atm so I have set myself 7 lb goals. If you follow the plan then you can't fail to lose weight. 1400 calories is quite a lot really and as long as you weigh carefully and count everything (like has been recommended, keep a food diary) you will do it. I have been on more 'diets' than I care to think of...and I think that a lot of us on here have tried slimming clubs and fad diets...this one is straight forward and YOU are in control...there are even calorie values for pub and fast food meals so that if you DO think of splurging...you can chose the most healthy option. We are all here to support you and we are going through the same thing as you...I was very brave today and calculated my BMI.....36.....so I was feeling quite vulnerable and ashamed of myself...BUT...there's no need to be ashamed or upset...because we are DOING something about it :) (sorry to shout) X

exercise? what's that then?


Hi. Well done for trying to make a change. I'm relatively new to dieting, having been slim when I was younger and then gradually gained weight so that I don't really recognise myself in the mirror. The big thing that I have learned from my experience and the messages on this site is to think of this weight loss plan as the start of a new way of thinking about food, rather than a short term fix after which I can go back to my 'normal' eating.

I've found it helpful to have a small calorie guide book (I'm amazed how wrong I was about the calories in many foods) and check labels on packaged food. I know that I like to feel full and have what seems to be a large meal so I fill my plate (and my stomach) with salad and leafy vegetables. Drinking far more water has also really helped me. I've also made sure that I just don't buy really unhealthy foods- I tried having cakes and biscuits in for the rest of the family and allowing myself the occasional treat but I just scoffed the lot when the kids went to bed.

After just 3 weeks I feel like I'm far more in control of what I am eating and able to enjoy proper meals with the family rather than restricted 'diet' meals.

I also think that exercise is key- I'm taking small and realistic steps at first, ditching the car and using my feet for journeys of less than a mile whenever I can, and joining an exercise class once a week.

When I feel like I might give in and eat I now log in to this site to read tips and thoughts from others, and to remind myself that I am not the only one battling with this. Everyone is very positive and helpful.

Good luck, and remember there are lots of people here to give you support if you need it along the way.


Take one step and a day at a time. Don't deny yourself anything just eat less of what you fancy


I think the key is to challenge our thinking. The battle is in the mind. I used to think of high calorie foods as treats to allow myself . Now I think the best way to love myself is to question if I am being kind to myself by putting a particular food in my mouth. Is the short term pleasure worth the long term harm I am doing to my health. I then find myself not wanting to be unkind to myself!

I agree with others set small goals. Make achievable changes and if you slip up, don't give up!

Use this forum to celebrate success and to get support and encouragement.


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