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hi all wondering if someone can help i have been weighing my self regular but put the scales on a thin bath matt i didnt think it mattered


according to the scales i weighing 11 stone so i started to get worried so i mentioned it to the doctor now i feel like a lier because i put them on a tile floor and it turns out ive put weight on but i dont get it size 16 jeans are big i fit into a swimming costume size 14 and leggings too so if i put weight on surely i would have gone up a size but i took the scales down stairs and put them on wooden and kitchen floor they both say over 13 stone can it really make that much of a difference im really worried now

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Yes. The scales are affected by the surface you put them. However don't worry and let it ruin the fact you have lost weight. Your jeans are loose! You fit into a size 14 swimming costume! You are doing great.

Scales become more inaccurate as they get older. There is more here dailymail.co.uk/news/articl...

So you may need a new set of scales.

Or maybe not. . . The important thing is they record changes. My scales are 1 stone out from hospital scales but they record pounds accurately enough to see whether I'm going up or down. The surface DOES make a difference so if you leave them in the same place and DONT FIDDLE with them they should be a good enough guide. I'm happy when I have to put another hole in my belt :)

Also weigh yourself at the same time of day - I do it early in the morning when I'm most empty. You don't need to do it more than once a week. Your weight will fluctuate but as long as there's an overall downward move that's great. It can be demoralising to see the scales give a higher reading when you feel you've been good. If you can deal with the odd higher reading, all well and good. The main thing is, there's a downward trend.

GoogleMeMaintainer in reply to fenbadger

Clothing sizes say far more about the manufacturer and designer than the person wearing them. I've lost 20kgs and I am still wearing the same size. I've some jeans that had been too tight that I can get back into, and some knickers made by a company who size more generously that fell down (!) but I bought a long sleeved t shirt in the size below and it is uncomfortably snug.

Remember that scales are about information not judgment!

fenbadger in reply to GoogleMe

Spot on and well done

DianaMaintainer in reply to fenbadger

Digital scales are the best! Mine does stones, pounds, and kg

DianaMaintainer in reply to fenbadger

Your weight will vary a bit too, due to water retention too

Every set of scales will tell you something different. Stick with what you know except don't use on mat.

Don't worry about it. I made the same mistake, I had been weighing myself on carpet then put the scales on the laminate and shot up nearly 2 stone. I was so devastated that I nearly stopped there. The important thing is that you have lost weight, try standing in front of the mirror in something that used to be tight and see how much better it fits now. Fenbadger gives some great advice, put the scales in one place and leave them there, that combined with weighing yourself at the same time of day will give an accurate figure for weightloss although maybe not 100% accurate for your weight. Morning is a good time to weigh yourself, after you've been to the bathroom but before breakfast, also wear the same clothes so that doesn't impact the scales. There is a market near me that has a weigh house, their scales are well maintained, if you do want an accurate weight maybe look for something like that close to you?

Good luck, don't get down about this, you're doing well :)

My husband moves the scales around the house till he finds a weight he likes!

Jjaymags in reply to Pilpala

Ha ha, love it! This really made me laugh, I'm going to try that tomorrow :)

thanks everyone im just worried because i had an eating disorder in the past and its back in that mind set again

Hi, have you thought about weighing yourself on another scale. I always go by clothes as if I find they are getting a bit loose, I think I have loss some weight otherwise I try not to weight me until I hope to feel better in a few months as started exercising recently again.

Don't beat yourself up about the scales as if your now in a 14 compared to a 15 your on the right track so well done

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