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Anybody help

Hi you all I have been losing inches rather than lbs but have came undone with a spare tyre that I cant shift ...I am doing palaties (spelling sorry ) and lost inches of my legs and hips but cant shift the bit around my middle ...I just bought a dress and it is a little tight under the bust but the bigger size was to big and long so I need an exercise to help with that stubborn lump of fat

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Perhaps try alternating your Pilates with some aerobic type exercises, have a look at HIIT exercises. I have found some designed for "seniors". You could also try using small weights with your Pilates.

Losing weight off your waist can be difficult. You could always try some 'magic knickers' or something similar. Good luck.


Thank you penal good advice will go for that x


I have exactly the same. Arms and legs totally changed but middle still the same. I am concentrating on running lust now as I am doing a marathon (jog/walking) soon, but plan to up the abs exercise after it.


Hi windswept ..thanks good to know am not the only one ....I have few health issues was using itas an excuse at first but Penel gave me a site to try and today a ffriend gave me a fat busting dvd so I am going to find what will suit me best its hard I know I got a fatty liver to and right where I need the wait loss ..but with the help from this page I am not using my problems as an excuse any more good luck with your marathon keep posting let us know how it goes x


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