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Nervous newbie

Hey, rather nervous about this but I've got to start somewhere right?

I'm 23 and very overweight, I would say around the 22 stone mark. I haven't weighed myself for a few years. I feel like I don't have the support network at home. I know this is going to take a long while and its not going to happen in a few weeks. I recognise why I'm in this state. I'm in a vicious circle.

I'm constantly bored and fed up because I don't/hate going out because of the way I look. Therefore I eat alot due to boredom, then because I get depressed I eat more leaving me at the very beginning of the circle. I'm looking to start my weight loss journey here to improve my confidence so I can actually go to a gym or go swimming without the fear everybody will laugh..

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I think everyone starts off a little nervous especially about our size. I think it's because we know that we aren't supposed to be as large as we are and we think that other people pay far more attention to how we look than we do.

When I first started my journey at me in the pool but quite honestly I can say 7 months later and nearly 5st lighter that for the most part no body notices or cares what you look like when you're swimming. If you're worried then I'd maybe contact your local gym or public baths and find out when their quiet times are so you can swim in relative peace and quite for a few weeks.

in terms of bordem I think that is the biggest hurdle for most people and the reason they snack, it certainly was for me. I found keeping myself busy was the key. Have you thought of taking up a hobby like something crafty that uses your hands.


Hi, I'm still quite new to the health and fitness world but I have to say that the fears felt for the gym are normally quite irrational. I felt exactly the same and it took me such a long time to build up the confidence to join one and now I regret not joining one sooner! I've met some nice people and now my only embarrassment is the thought of failure.

I hope you find your confidence soon!


Good Luck I am on my 1st week and have my weigh in on monday so feel free to join me. I am also embarressed to go to the gym so I bought myself a wii and fit board. It is great cos I can do how much I want without anyone watching or judging. I have enjoyed it this week.


Oh well done for going for it, you have made the first move. Find things to do that will suit you and which are achievable in your daily routine. You will get so much support from this site and will almost feel like everyone is giving you a big hug. Good luck.


Well done Nervous Newbie. You have made the right decision to do something about it. You have to make a commitment in order to have a normal and healthy life. You cannot go on having emotional binges. Pinkymoo has offered inspiration and good advice. You need to keep focused, have healthy hobbies and not worry about what others are thinking. We are human so we all have opinions and we all make judgements about others. Thats how we are but so what, your focus is you. You job is to get back on track and lose the weight week by week and feel a lot happier. You have to leave the emotional binging behind. It is the cause of your unhealthy weight gain. May I ask what sort of foods are in your kitchen cupboards now and your fridge? Have you started by only buying in good foods and drinks? Do you know what foods to buy in? :)

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Well done to you for taking the first step. Download the free app MYFITNESSPAL & it breaks down everything that goes past your lips !!! Good way to see exactly what you are eating & adjust accordingly. Good luck my love.


I agree with all the others. The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem and the cause of that problem. So you're a comfort-eater. You feel unhappy/bored/depressed and you eat to make yourself feel better. But it doesn't, does it? It's a vicious cycle and you feel worse.

From my experience no one cares a damn what anyone else looks like in the pool. I've been to aqua-aerobics where there were mainly old ladies and if they didn't care what their wrinkly saggy bodies (mine too!) look like then why should you? Actually, aqua-aerobics is quite a good idea, for all age-groups. If you can swim, then swim. It's excellent exercise, uses every muscle in the body and that includes the heart. It doesn't damage the joints as some other forms of exercise might.

You mentioned not having a support network. Ultimately, it's your body, it's your life, and in the final analysis we are all alone. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and do it ourselves. Today is the start of the rest of your life. You can do it!

Best wishes



Welcome, a lot of us here are quite new to this site, great to have you here! It is quite daunting I began by getting on the myfitness pal website and keeping a food diary for the first week! Oh my goodness it taught me a lot too much salt and far too many carbs. My eating is quite a lot more balanced now and I have bean trying to stick to 1400 cals a day some days I go a little over I also down loaded a widget to my phone which was free, basically a pedometer that counts my steps, I'm going to work out my average over a week and then aim to increase it on a daily bases until I have 'walked' around central park that's 6.5 miles, I have given myself a week to do it in, probably that sounds silly but it works for me! I wish you all the luck in the world with this, you do need support at home have you tried your G.P?


I'd second that. Go to see your GP or surgery nurse and get weighed and advice. This is handy if someone tries to sabotage your efforts you can say in all seriousness, my doctor says...

Remember- Your worth it!


Reading the comments; I realise that I am not the only one with a lot if weight to lose. As people keep saying only you control your destiny. Last night started having panic attacks I am now the heaviest I have ever been 22st 6llbs 6ft 3ins and 33 years old. The unfortunate bit is my family has a history of heart problems which probably contributed to my panic attack with over thinking things.I have 2 young daughters who I want to be here for as long as I can. So that is why I signed up on this site lt looks a good place to get support and advice; so good luck to all as the rest of my life starts from today


First of all thanks to everyones advice, I appreciate all of it.

I've just ordered some scales so a little nervous at the thought of seeing what I weigh for the first time in years.

Mrswobble2 I live at home with my mum and family so she buys lots of sweets and stuff for my brother and his friends etc to have. (Thats what is kinda meant when I said I don't have that support network as my mum keeps buying stuff that I like which is very bad for me) i have started to buy my own stuff like yogurts. We always have fruit it in but for instance and this may sound pathetic but if I get the taste of chocolate I go for that even though I feel rubbish when I've eaten it.

I've tried going to see my nurse/gp before. They told me to do a food diary and sent me to see a weight consultation but that didn't really work.

and I have joined fitness pal, great app!


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