Hi, I'm now in week six of the nhs weight loss plan, but don't seem to have lost any weight! Any help or advice?

I don't have access to scales, so don't know if I have definitely lost any weight, but there doesn't appear to be a noticeable difference. I'm not hugely overweight, but am still heavier than I should be, and I'm currently on week 5 (run 3) of the couch to 5k plan, which is working for my fitness! Any ideas, help or similar experiences would be appreciated!

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  • Get a set of scales! they will help you focus, we weigh in here on a Monday please feel free to join in if you don't have a goal it's difficult to know what you are aiming for, and maintain it when you get there

  • If you don't want scales and became slave to the numbers measure your self with a measure or even use a piece of string and mark your measurements on there with a pen. Each time (fornightly or monthly) you measure you will be able to see a difference Good luck and keep up with the good work x x

  • I would have despaired if I'd used body measurements (which are still numbers!) - I did take them but the change has been too slow to be motivating. 20kgs lost and I am still the same dress size.

    I've needed to lose weight once before and again achieved it in a sustainable way. I then went through a long period where I didn't have any scales and the weight came back on. I now weigh daily first thing (I am not the kind of person who gets dismayed by the fluctuations, probably wouldn't work for everyone) and have found it helpful for maintaining a healthy weight.

    If need be, your GP surgery or pharmacy could likely help you with access to scales although you'd be dressed.

  • Do not buy anything from anyone who gives you their details in a post. These are not professionals and are just out to get your money either by expensive phone calls or expensive products but in most cases both! Have reported it as Spam!

  • I would recommend the website myfitnesspal.com as that will enable you to monitor exactly what you do eat and what is in the foods - I was shocked to find what I was eating even when I thought I was eating healthily.

  • Measurements really do help esp if you are doing exercise too. A stone in weight is usually a dress size or there abouts!

  • How about going to a chemist at the same time each week, like weighing in at a slimming club. Try to wear similar clothes for weight and slip of your shoes as some, especially boots weight heavy. I've even seen people take out their ear rings! Before I bought my scales I had a regular spot in Boots the chemist and used to bump in to the same people each week.

  • Hi Monkee, I'm new here but wanted to share my experience with you. Many years ago when I was overweight I started dieting and exercising. For over three months my weight didn't change however I kept going and noticed that even though my weight wasn't changing to any great extent my trousers were becoming looser. You see I was losing fat and building muscle so one was offsetting the other. After a few months the weight started to go as the fat burned away and my talking scales stopped saying "One at a time please" and just told me my weight.

    By all means buy some scales but don't fixate and your weight, just use them once a week. If you keep doing all the right things you will lose the weight. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck to you :)

  • I think you have hit plateau! You need to eat slightly more for a day or two (200cals) to restart your losing.

    Your body gets used to losing, and then stops

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