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I'm new so just saying Hey :)

A few months ago I was content gaming my life away mixing it up between first person shooters and MMORPGs, surrounded by takeaways, empty bottles and junk food, pretty much ducking all my responsibilities and barely making ends meet. In other words "living the life!" - even managed to hook up a 150" projector screen with Onkyo 5.1 surround sound speakers, Playstation, PC and Netflix, a set of reclining sofa seats and a popcorn machine. What more can a man want?

But then ... along comes some frustrating yet undeniable cute girl and ruins it all by falling for me and worse making me fall for her too. On top of that she has the nerve to live in Canada, granted her Majesty rules this land of distant savages, but still...

I tried to get her to see me for what I am (so she would run away and I could resume my freelance lifestyle), but despite my greatest attempts she's still sticking around and I hate to admit it, but I kinda like the brat (so much so that I gave all the gear away and stopped gaming for now). She knows everything about me (and vice versa) and we kinda take each other for what we are, but I know in my heart I gotta "fix up" for our long term benefit.

Truth be told my weight has always yo-yo'd (I tend to fix up and then let loose falling back into bad habits) but the last 3 years hit a massive downward spiral across the board after losing my job and confidence in the recession. Went from hitting up board meetings and giving presentations to barely functioning in any social or work environment (my heads fine - just my self esteem isn't). The only time people have seen me come alive in recent years has been when I've had a mouse or joypad in my hand resulting in a spark in my eyes and familiar cheekiness arising to the surface.

NEways ... enough with the violins. Long story short, she's now back in Canada and I managed to pull together the money and book a ticket to fly out there in Jan for 2 weeks (my birthday). That gives me 6 months to kick start a new sustainable lifestyle and make a better impression when I rock up to her doorstep. Despite what she wants, I'm still not wearing a damn suit though...

Even if things fall apart or don't work out (let's keep it real, hope for the best, plan for the worst) I am truly just grateful she came along and gave me a much needed jolt to get my life back in order.


- Need to achieve a basic level of health and fitness so I can get around the city (at the moment struggle walking to the corner shop)

- Need to look presentable for work interviews so I can have the confidence to secure work and start getting things back on track. The job market has picked up so plenty of opportunities out there for those who are determined to push through all the obstacles and keep their chin up when suffering knock backs.

- Just want to give us the best possible chance to make it work and be in a 'normal' relationship without me holding her back or backing away at times and this is all part of the equation

My Game Plan:

- Already started reading and understanding a lot more about health, nutrition and being active (which is what lead me here)

- I am under no false illusions that it will take me a few years to get where I want to be

- 12 week weight loss plan to get started

- Hopefully then have a go at the 12 week C25K (right now this seems impossible to achieve but we'll see)

Thanks for reading - Have a great day :)

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Go you!

Sometimes life sucks and it can really bring us down to earth with a bump but so can the good stuff too. It's sounds like you've found a great lady and it's made you reassess what you want from life.

Go get it!


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