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Headaches and constantly feeling sick?



I've constantly been feeling sick now for about a week, certain smells make me feel nauseous. Been having headaches that come and go, feeling really tired constantly, and eating things that I don't normally go for. I've also been feeling dizzy and faint and I have been having hot and cold flushes..

I've got the implant but it still is making me think could I be pregnant?! I know there's still a chance that you can get pregnant with the implant, even though it is only the smallest there is still a chance..

Can people help me and maybe give me some ideas of what it could be or thoughts?

Thank you.

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Id get a test just incase

Good morning collegegirl1995. Please don't take this the wrong way BUT we are actually a slimming support group and as much as we would like to advise you, ethically we can't, especially if we are medically trained as we know better! Please go to your GP for advice. Wishing you lots of luck. X

As Candystripe says, not medically trained but your symptoms are VERY similar to mine when I was pregnant so would definitely get a test. Hope you get the result you want!


Are you of a menopasal age?

I'm wondering if it is withdrawal from sugar??

Could be the feeling of hunger, as that can make you feel sick, when you've not ate for many hours. The body attacks fat stores, the toxins, make you feel unwell, this is why plenty of water/fluids is needed in weight loss to flush them out.

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