Ive recently lost 2 stone and want to maintain now and not loose anymore. What do I do?

Im 16, 5ft 8 and 8 stone but I want to be 8.5 and then maintain. Ive been consuming around 1200 to 1600 per day. Hardly any junk food and healthy wholesome balanced food. How much should I up my calories by to not gain more than 8.5? Im so happy with my weight right now and im desperate to keep it long term but im scared if I increase I will get back to square 1!

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  • Well done on getting to a weight you are happy with. To stop losing you will need to up your calorie level. Assuming you're a woman, 2000kcal is a good estimate for average calorie goal for maintaining weight. Try the below calculators for a personal estimate. Be sure to set to lose no weight - which on the first site is "gain muscle lose fat":



    Keep an eye on your weight and if it still keeps going down, you need to increase calories to get to a stable level. Since you may be ok with gaining a few lb then don't be afraid to increase calories a bit. You still have plenty of room for error. It would take 500kcal extra per day above maintaining to gain 4-5lb in an entire month! So even if you accidentally went a bit over it will be easy to correct.

    Good luck on working out your maintaining calories. Keep eating your wholesome foods :)

  • Thank you!!!

  • You are certainly on the verge of being underweight right now which at 16 when you are still developing is a concern, and being underweight carries more health risks than being overweight. Have you had any professional support with your weight loss?

    Are you in the UK? (Just checking because a young person of 16 in the UK would have been educated in metric)

    It is brilliant that what you have been eating sounds like good quality food. I wonder if you could experiment with not measuring intake for a while to see if you have successfully adjusted your appetite to naturally take in the amount it needs (which is really what we should all be aiming for).

  • Yes, thank you, am going to increase and see what happens :)

  • To maintain your weight with balanced diet(1200-1600cal/day.)you have to burn extra 300 to 400 cal . by doing Yoga or by walking . Then follow it for three years. If you stick with this weight for coming three years there will be no chance to gain again .If you want to know about Ayurveda , Yoga , Astrology just see my articles under facebook Dr. Vaishali's Ayurveda yoga Naturopathy& Astrology

  • Keep with the healthy, natural food. Minimise your fructose intake, and eat sufficient, low-glycaemic carbs (mainly vegetables) to fuel your activity, spread over each of your 3 meals per day. Eat a palm-size of protein at each meal too, and experiment with how much natural fat to have to sustain your weight.

    Well done. It's well worth putting the effort into maintaining now you are near to your goal (making a goal beyond your destination), without making it an obsession.

    Exercise will help to keep you healthy too.

  • 1600 is great for weight loss 1200 is to low and I'm sure u felt like crap on those days tired, lethargic. Your metabolic rate will be around 1950-2000 calories to maintain your weight. To lose weight 1600-1700 is perfect when your at the weight you desire just stick to the above calories and experiment a little...every1 is slightly different due to muscle mass, height, genetics.

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