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Happy holiday?

Tomorrow I'm off to the lakes for a week. I'm going with my dad and the dogs, my dad doesn't know i'm on a diet as he has ruined previous attempts to lose weight, he also has a bad heart so walks are at a slower than usual pace. I'm hoping the eating out and slower walking won't be to disastrous on my weight loss, 20 lbs so far, I'd be really happy just to maintain that. This will be the first big test of my lifestyle change, looking for healthy options on the menu, avoiding tempting snacks and such like. I'm really looking forward to the holiday, looks like some lovely walks and see how my dad feels we might even attempt Scafell Pike :) Let's hope the scales are happy when I get back.

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Hi katedaniels

Off you go for a lovely 'Happy holiday' with your dad, have a FEW treats enjoy your time together, and don't let him influence your choice of meals/snacks etc. a firm 'no thank you' is all you have to say. Maintenance over a holiday is fine, congratulations on your 20lb loss you must feel very proud. Enjoy !!!


I second Ali may's comments. May I also suggest that you have a few walks on your own when he is happy to sit and read the paper or take it easy. It will be good for you to have time to yourself too and to stretch your legs a bit more or go at a faster pace if that is what you want to do. Have fun :)


If you have a small backpack/rucksack type of thing you could put some weights in it so it is heavy. If you don't have any weights, you could fill some bottles with water (big ones) for the weight. So even though the walk might be slower you are still making your body work that little bit harder. And as they are inside the bag he won't know :-)


Scafell Pike? With a dodgy heart? I don't think so, somehow. However, there are lots of gentler walks and the views are amazing. Eat good food, but in moderation. Steer clear of the Kendal Mint Cake unless you're really going up Scafell Pike! [VBG]


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