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Losing waight.when you can't exercise


Hi people hope u are all well

at moment i suffer from cronic illness underlining diagnosis from specialist. And if i could lose a little waight j know it would help my depression brought on by my illness. I can't exercise and with me been poorly i just comfort eat. I know alot of people with say look after yourself and get diagnosis first before losing weight but i know this will help. Any ideas would love to here them. Remember no exercise thanks for reading guys :-)x

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If u cnt exercise try swimming u dnt have 2 go mad u cn just do little bits ive got fibromyalgia and i find it really hard sum days 2 motivate myself but swimming helps

I am losing weight simply by cutting out junk foods. Create a calorie deficit by cutting your intake by 20% and you will lose weight , regardless of exercising. When your health permits you can start simple, gentle exercises. Hope you feel better soon.


There are very few disorders where no exercise ie immobility is advisable and if you don't know what you have I am wondering why you feel certain there is nothing at all you can do - your depression may well be compromising your options and perhaps the first thing to do would be to put in train effective treatment for the depression (much more likely that treating the depression will lead to sustained weight loss than the other way round) I do have a health condition which significantly compromises my ability to exercise safely. I am currently able to do more and it really helps with the weight loss but comes at a high price in terms of other important things I am not able to do because my energy is limited - so I am not dismissing your problem (and I know how tedious it is when people suggest all kinds of vigorous things - but alextherbear2002's suggestion of swimming isn't a mad one if you think in terms of just getting yourself into the pool for starters).

I am not able to exercise at a level/intensity that burns many calories but I still find it helps to a surprising degree. I have found it useful to have a mindset of what *can* I do - and that may be restorative yoga online, poses I can do in bed. It may be small movements I can do to maintain healthy joints such as rolling my ankles. There are also lots of resources for chair-based exercise - again, won't burn lots of calories but still worth doing.

If you are used to self-medicating your low mood and understandable frustration with food, you could look at ways to be kind to yourself that are not so calorific. So a big treat might be some blueberries rather than biscuits. Or it might be flowers. Or a relaxation session. Or nice body lotion. Some of these cost more than a chocolate bar... and that is a hint that such things are *treats* rather than every day... but other things are not and last longer (I have Coop Body Lotion at £1.35 for a big bottle and going to stock up on a 3 for 2... and decant it into pretty tins) You might find self-hypnosis (I borrow a digital audiobook from the library for free) useful for the overeating (I'd suggest calling it overeating rather than 'comfort eating' - it really isn't a comfort to you if you are unhappy about your weight) It can also be very helpful to focus on looking and feeling better as you are now - so if you are a woman, getting fitted for a good bra can make a big difference.

Good luck! It can be done!

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Hi there thank you I got quite a lot from this, the reason I can't exercise is cause every time I try it hurts, I have nerve damage I know that from the spesalist. We have to get to the bottom of why nerve pain is happening. I also have pain in my back tummy hands feet arms I walk with a limp. its just mad and not to mention burning in my skin everywhere so sensitive to lots of skin products heat makes it worse. I use to be so fit out running 4 times a week swimming 2 week walked everywhere, its just so unfair now I am Ill I've gained 3 stone in 7 month's. I really have tried to exercise but I am in lots of pain. And meds I am on oramorph is really needed after I exercise. I like the bit bout saving money to treat for something els massarge maybe.I'm thinking about mindfulness the book, as that has a lot for relaxation can you think of any more good one? The reason I feel so low is cause I can't or should I say I struggle so much to have my life I use to before I came Ill, my doctor has gave me meds to help my depresson but not happy bout the meds I am on must be about 9 difo ones but with out them I no I won't be able to get threw the day struggle very much. when you have a 7 year old she needs her mummy. My mother helps a lot to. I asked the doctor if any of the meds could cause gain weight he said don't think it could course a problem. Thank you for all your help x

Yes, its tough when you're chronically unwell, depressed, over eating - all three things are linked & influence the others - but something has to break the cycle, and that has to be you. I have been there, and so have a lot of others in this group. Swap your biscuits for something you think of as special - but that is more nutritious. Favourite fruit. Chop it up if its not already small bite size. Then you can eat more slowly, which makes it easier to tell when you're full. In terms of exercise, there are lots of seated exercise plans out there, or try gentle stretches/mobilisation movements. I even have a bed-based yoga book for those days when I really need to stay in bed. The key thing is to control your eating, by thinking it's possible to lose weight - and it is. Just believe in it and your own ability to change.

than you for this I will look on line x

Eat lots of vegetables cook from scratches .eat protein .drop the carb intake. Use my fitness pal. Say no to process. Try some veggie and beans soup.Brocolli and apple is another miracle vegs.

I put on loads of weight when I damaged my vertabrae ,also I have lymphoedema ,and quite a few other ailments and found it hard to lose weight ,but decided enough was enough and only I could do this so cut out all cakes biscuits pastry and high fat foods ,I eat loads of fruit and salad with nice meats to make them interesting and you can have a few potatoes ,preparation is most important as attractive food looks good enough to eat,also recommend slimming world as there plan is excellent ,hope this helps

I feel the same as I have chronic illness multiple sclerosis and find it hard to exercises too.

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Its orful isn't I feel for you i got tested for that with a MRI on my back a brain one to follow but mine is chronic all the time. Everyday i no I have nerve damage but it finding the problem causing that pain in back stumoch hands feet arms and skin is burning carnt stand heat. I am going to keep trying find answers the waight as no it will help, take care I am pleased you have diagnosis and getting treated for it. And hope you are managing well with your illness x

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It does require a subscription (or pay to download) but Ekhart Yoga have a set of online yoga therapy videos for MS, by a yoga teacher who has MS herself (and she has a lovely voice). Really good for lots of chronic illness, not just MS. They have put a sample session on YouTube so you can see if you take to her.

(I have no financial interest!)

Many of us can't exercise, or can't do the exercise that everyone thinks of doing i.e. working out in the gym, running, those kind of things. There's a young woman called Leanne Grose who produced a DVD of exercises she does based on her wheelchair - she has a leg amputation. My stepdaughter lost a huge amount of weight and she did no exercise at all, unless you count riding her big motorbike as exercise. However....I think the exercise/not exercise debate is one thing, comfort eating is something else entirely. This may be your main problem, rather than whether you can exercise or not.

there's a truth that doesn't get much air time. You burn lots of calories just digesting food, and lots just thinking. This is not grounds for an excuse. People don't get big because they don't exercise. They don't exercise because they're big. So you're far from unique, there's loads of people struggling with similar issues. Depression often rides on the back of other things, and yes if you're less active there's grazing or boredom eating. Keep up a couple of things you really like, but try to do that cook from fresh/low cal thing, and control quantities. However unwell you are some form of activity is essential to keep muscles in as good a tone as they can get, and yes I know you're not an athlete or training for a marathon. Just do gentle movement to keep the bowels, joints and muscles going. There's nothing wrong with "chairobics" and some find basic tai chi helpful. You can do it at home with a video and you're not eating while doing it. There are moves that are aid to help particular ailments including digestive so it might be worth a try. Like you said NOT cardio vascular work outs. The aim is to use more calories than you take in.


I suffer from a C.F.S, and for my illness it would have been a bad tthing to have exercised before I had the diagnosis, as once I had the cfs label I was able to understand what exercise I could do, how much, and when. If I tried to do something before diagnosis it could have made me worse. but having said that, one thing I have learnt is that every one is different, even if they do have the same illness, so it all depends how you feel, and if you feel up to it, try certain things and discover what your limits are, etc. hope it helps and good luck :)

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This really dose help thank you this just means I am not alone in my way of thinking good luck for you to :-)

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no probs. if you need to chat anytime (I know it can help sometimes) feel free to message me

Hi I have a good idea how you feel although I am now

Hi, I have a good idea how you feel although I am a lot older than you. Mine isn't comfort eating but not having something to take my mind off eating. Because of this I am joining my local leisure centre and get an expert to try a programme. It might be just walking in the swimming pool until my joints, arthritis and COPD feel better then I am hoping to try aquaearobics or gentle swimming as I have been informed that in water your joints are cushioned. As to the eating, I have no self will so I'm hoping, once at the leisure centre, I will be occupied therefore not thinking about food! Hope you get some useful help and feel better.

Hi lovely you have had quite a lot of responses which is great!!! Have you heard of Project 10? I feel this would help you massively even with the lack of exercising. I have several clients who have had the same issue and I would love to chat more with you about it as I am positive you would benefit from this challenge. It has literally changed lives!!

Hi there yes everyone on here are really kind with all there message and help OK but if there is lots of prep then its not for me as I am quite poorly could you privet message me or I could give you my email? X

Hiya just wondered what this project 10 was all about would like to no some more if u would like to tell me what it is about? X

Hi everyone thank you so much for all your emails I will for sure take on board with some of the things ppl advisedi really am grateful wish you all well.x

I can relate to the cycle you are caught up in. Here is how to break it with eating your favorite comfort foods and NO EXERCISE. Note I personally gained 30 lbs from a medical condition then the depression made me binge eat. First I needed mild antidepressants to feel better wellbutrin which is weight neutral. Second I joined Optavia and embraced eating every 2.5 hours. The testamonies speak for themselves. You relearn how to eat correctly but you also have decadent choc brownies that are nutritionally sound. Best part is zero thinking except one meal. There is a total community to support you with similar situation. My coach was Kathy Cargrill in massachusetts. You can pick one in U.K. Hope this helps others that can't, won't exercise because they don't allow it early on. They help break binging which no exercise like swimming etc will do. Also if you are sedentary and need to work and have time constraints..this is definitely for you. Look it up and see if it helps your lifestyle and needs. It was a home run for me. Good luck and keep your goal to Return to health!

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