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25 pounds in 9 days

from 19 to 18 st 3

so in 4 days i have been sleeping for 8am till between 3pm-6pm and having a sandwhich when i wake up and then dinner between 8-10pm at night. the thing is i am loosing the weight. in that time i lost nearly a stone. so i tried to turning of everything and sleeping at night and having 2 meals a day and im sleeping between 6 and 11 hours and again in 5 days i lost a further 13 pounds so in less than a week i lost 25 pounds which is alot so i went to the doctor to day and he sad because i was only sleep between 2 and 6 hours a night and eating well over 3000 calories he is happy for that and he says that is expected. in this time i have recorded my food and activety on my fitness pall and i have only been consuming between 1200-1500. does anyone else think i should go and see and diffrent doctor or a dietician

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How do you feel about it? I'd be ok if the doctor thought it was...Maybe keep and eye on how it is making you feel?


This approach is fraught with potential problems, not least because your body evolved to be active during daylight, and sleep during darkness. No matter how much of a night-owl people think they are, going against this circadian rhythm is detrimental to their health, because of the disruption it causes to hormones.

How reliable are your scales?

It is likely to be the restriction of food that caused the weight-loss; sleeping during hours of darkness will improve your health even better.

Also, minimise your fructose intake, and avoid foods that spike your insulin levels.


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