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No weight loss, just body fat

I've been exercising for months, metafit, spinning, running, strength training, tve lost approx 1/2 a stone in about 6 months, I watch what I eat but I'm not on a diet. My problem is I don't seem to be losing much weight, i have lost body fat - about 5% and people have commented how my body shape is changing but my measurements are roughly the same and I'm still in the same size clothes.

Is there anything I could eat/take/do to lose more weight? Or am I being too impatient and should I just carry on what I'm doing?

I really want to do my gym instructor qualification with work but need to slim a bit as I will feel more confident doing the course and then working after.

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Try to eat slightly less, and cut out carbohydrates 1 or 2 days a week, replace them with high protein foods like chicken and fish. It really helps. Always measure your carbs, try not to have more than 300g per day.

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Hello Scarlet!

The most ideal approach to burn excess fat is to cut down your calorie intake than that which is needed by your body. You have to make an every day caloric deficiency of around 300 to 500 calories day by day which brings about weight reduction of around 1 to 3 pounds a week relying upon the amount excess weight you are carrying. It is fundamental to look into calories and in any event figure out how to gauge the amount of calories in your food. Controlling your food intake is the most paramount piece of weight reduction however workout can additionally be valuable. A combination of cardiovascular workout and weight training can help you lose excess fat rapidly. It would be best to turn to experts including a dietitian and fitness coach to focus the best approach for you to achieve your fat misfortune objectives.

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