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Back from holiday

We got back yesterday from our big European adventure, as far as Switzerland. I thought I'd have put on a lot of weight while we were away, but no. This morning I weighed exactly the same as I did on 7th June, the day before we left.

The main problem I've found on being away from home has been meals, more meals and more extensive meals than we normally eat. We feel we have to stop and buy sandwiches for lunch. We didn't do that so much this time.

In France and Switzerland, if you want to eat out you have to watch the times. 'Mittagessen' is midday meal and it stops at 2 pm. Same with 'dejeuner'. If you want a meal in the evening it usually starts at 7 pm. We did have one lovely evening meal in Reims, the 'capital of Champagne country' - roasted duck breast with blackcurrant sauce and pureed carrots, followed by a fruity ice-creamy type of dessert, and local white wine! Our last day in Reims, we had a seafood medley, huge king prawns on a vegetable medley and I followed that with minty ice-cream with dark chocolate.

Yesterday morning we left our hotel in Reims very early, on the road at 8 am. I'd had some scrambled egg, grilled bacon and a fruity yogurt for breakfast. That was all I had all day until we got back home at 6 pm and we made grilled cheese on toast. I had a bit of an upset tummy on the way home. Thank goodness for the stopping-places on French motorways, all maintained by their roads authority SANEF, and beautifully clean. I thought it best not to irritate my tummy with more food and I stuck to water all day.

It's a godsend being able to do a supermarket shop while we're away, Tesco just been and delivered. What with a fortnight's washing, having to go shopping as well would be just too much.

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