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I'm 63, male and 104kg, I've had a heart attack, have got a pacemaker and am on my fifth hip, what's the best way for me to lose 2stone

I live in Spain and NOW eat healthily, for the past three weeks I've not eaten bread, potatoes or pasta, I've lost 4.5kg. I figured I would continue this for a few more weeks and then eat smaller portions, I already have the five a day and mostly fish, I eat oats and fruit for breakfast. A week ago I started gently rowing (machine) and have worked it up to 2500 mtrs in 15 mins which I am comfortable with, makes the hips a bit sore tho. Am I on the right track?

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Sounds as though it's working for you. I find I have to limit my carbs to keep the weight off, and try to go for mostly high fibre carbs, like sweet potato.

I eat meat, but try to make sure it is good quality, free range or grass fed, as well as butter from grass fed cows.

Don't overdo the exercise and good luck with the weight loss.

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Sounds good, but don't push it if the hip is sore. I use an exercise bike, don't know that it makes a difference which machine, as long as it works.MAybe you could try to do more upper body exercise as well.

Before you go back to a 'normal' eating plan, even with smaller portion size, consider having a day or two per week without carbs. It is a good way to keep the weight off.


Good on you, sounds as though you have it right. Fish is great protein.


Have a look at the website MY Fitness Pal, put in everything you eat today and see how it comes out, learn from what you are eating that is adding huge calories and reduce them.


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