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Hi everybody, 2 weeks ago I started eating sensibly and I am doing regular exercise for somebody who doesn't like exercise. When I weighed myself I hadn't lost anything and I was so disappointed, normally I would get chocolate but I knew I would only feel worse. I have even started doing other thing rather than sitting for long periods of time. I am going on holiday in 7 weeks has anybody got any suggestions please.

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Try My Fitness Pal, you can use it on a phone and a computer, log everything that passes your lips and that will show how many calories you're eating/drinking. You can input your details into MFP and it will give you a recommended amount of calories you should be eating, if you stick to that and exercise you should lose weight. I notice you didn't say how many calories you're aiming for and sometimes sensible eating just isn't enough, you need to reduce calories. Also, if you have any health problems that can have an impact.

It's great that you didn't have the chocolate, at least your mindset is in the right place :)

Good luck.


Thank you, at the moment I am having 1500 calories and I am happy to say I don't have any health problems. I will defiantly try My Fitness Pal.


Have a palm-sized piece of natural-protein at each of 3 meals per day. Have up to half an inner-dinner plate of non-starchy vegetables. Have sufficient natural-fat to slow your weight-loss to between 1 and 2 lbs per week.


Thank you I will try that


Count your calories measure your food, and measure your waist..throw your scales out the window ;) if your exercising then your going to build muscle if not used to it which will way a lot more than fat. S if your weight is staying the same then it could be increased muscle mass or water retention rather than you thinking no fat loss. It is possible to reduce your waist size many sizes and still weigh the same due to the above rule. I am 83kg a high conditioned sports athlete is 75kg not much different except he will have 7-10% body fat and me 20%...keep going results are not instant it takes many weeks to show a lot of weigh loss.

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Thank you I will do that.


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