I need to lose 6 stone, and I hate exercising. I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life, but my weakness is comfort eating and a sweet tooth. I have just joined, and would welcome and appreciate any buddies out there. Being older and health not so good, I have been advised by my doctor to lose weight! I just feel 'here we go again' and I get so far and give up. This time I have to continue. Feeling fat and ugly all the time doesn't help either.


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  • I have about the same to lose thanks to a thyroid problem, that and being an emotional eater. I also have arthritis which makes it more difficult to do certain exercises but I am sure less weight will help my condition. I am happy to buddy up, how are you planning to tackle your weight loss this time? I am going to try calorie counting this time I think with the help of the my fitness pal app.

  • So nice to hear from you. I am trying to work out how, and I know I have to cut out biscuits and cakes. I love desserts, so I want to work out what desserts have few calories and substitute biscuits and cakes for something yummy?

  • Biscuits are my biggest downfall, that and I love to bake too. I will let you know if I find a recipe for a low cal sponge cake. I feel that as I am calorie counting I could may be include the odd treat so I don't feel deprived. Other than that I have moved the fruit bowl to the lounge and filled it with my favourite fruit so if I feel like something sweet that is easier to grab than having to stretch and reach for the biscuit tin.

  • How about superglue around the biscuit tin??? You are right about the treats, and I will let you know of any good sweet treats I find. mmmmm.....

  • Best of luck of starting your new journey. 6 stone is obviously your end goal so maybe create some smaller short term goals 3-6-9-12 month goals. Everybody likes their sweets and choc but we don't half pay for it in more than one way. Walking/hill walking and if you can do them I highly recommend body weight squats. You may not be able to do them due to the excess your carrying but the reason why I say the above is. Your legs are the largest muscles in your body and therefore have the highest metabolic rate of any body body part you have. If you work on your legs overtime you can increase the amount of calories you burn each day. This is why you should facepalm when you see big guys doing bicep curls almost a waste of time.

    If you need any help give us a shout.

    P.s. Im a takeaway man and when depressed I binge eat I took cash out put it in an envelope and this is my takeout money for the month! Once it's used up it's used up....don't know if this helps you but it helped me cut back :)

  • You have some good tips there jsports. I am thinking of dusting off the ole wii fit/ea active/cardio boxing 'games' but planning on building up slowly.

  • I study sport & exercise science specialising in fat metabolism obesity and cardiac physiology so if you need any advice give us a shout :) whatever you enjoy then do it or vary it up...whatever works for you to get you moving. I personally believe group exercise like classes bootcamps sports teams walking groups are long term interventions...anything solo is just a mere short term bandage that needs immense motivation to sustain over many years. But As I said if tomorrow your going to exercise because you fancy some wii fit then great..moving is the goal we don't really care too much how you do it. Prepare to stand like a tree #yoga

  • Snacking in the evening has been my downfall. I managed to stop doing it for a few months after Christmas, but then started again. I am now trying to get back on track. I find drinking tea or coffee in the evening helps me go without the snacks. Also if you don't buy it you can't eat it. I am now trying to be more disciplined when shopping and just buy the food I was intending to get, not buy the 2 packs for £1 donuts, half price cheese cake, half price cheese, or 2 large packs for £3 crisps which I have been tempted into buying recently then scoffing all evening.

  • Ever tried saving the money you were going to spend on these deals? I'm going to Italy because iv been doing this for the past few months...technically a pay rise ;)

  • Hi I've about the same amount of weight to lose and also have health problems I'd gladly be your buddy if you want

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I would love us to be buddies. I am puzzled as to eating habits, but starting to watch what I eat gradually. I know from past times that writing everything down that you eat and drink helps. I would appreciate any other tips if you can think of some let me know. Exercise??? Well I purchased an exercise bike, as I work from home I thought to give it a go. Haven't started yet. And I purchased a DVD of 30 minute workouts in December and haven't even taken it out of the packaging. I guess I had better start tomorrow morning. Good luck and let me know your plans.

  • I really love this page and jsports has really good advice I only came on 3weeks ago feeling down and the people that have helped me chang my ways you do get a lot of support as we are all trying to lose a bit of weight I need to for health reasons to many to mention so good luck and keep coming back x

  • Hi there, I'm 24 and need to lose about 3 stone. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy (nerve disorder) so I find it painful when I try and exercise, I eat reasonable healthy so I'm not sure why I've put on the extra weight. Any help and advice would be great, I hope we all start to fell beautiful and healthy soon x

  • Hi Slimmersuzy,

    I still have 8 stone to lose, lost 16 lbs in 2 months since I started my lifestyle change and I also used to hate exercising. Have you thought about why you hate to exercise? I couldn't go to a gym because I have too many jibbly bits and would be too embarrassed. I also sweat a lot, very easily and feel too self-conscious about the sweat patches on my back. I hated the sweaty feeling as well, I hate being dirty and exercise made me feel gross. So I avoided it like the plague, I also had a problem with comfort eating, a bad day meant chinese for tea followed by a gateaux. I come from a family with several health problems the ones i'm most at risk for which are exacerbated by obesity are diabetes and heart disease. So I had to change.

    I started by logging everything that I eat, this has an impact in itself. I then introduced exercise very gradually, starting with walks. I took a gentle walk for about 30 minutes to start with, I now can comfortably do 6 miles (about 2 hours) and as long as I wear a patterned or linen top the sweat patches aren't too noticable. I have an aerobic step at home, I only do 15 minutes a day on it so far but as i'm at home no-one can see the jibbly bits in action. I also have a stationery bike/cross trainer at home for when it's raining or I just don't fancy a walk that day. Because they're at home I can jump straight in the shower after so my hangups about exercise are overcome. Now that i've been at it for 2 months it feels wrong if I don't exercise, I've also got a lovely tan and fit back in a top that was too tight last summer, fitting back into that was a great confidence boost!

    Good luck,


  • Hi Kate, I must say you have really inspired me to look at exercising at home, and walking. I know why I hate exercising in public or other places because I was always bullied at school especially at sports, p.e. and other exercise.

    So with a low self esteem, I have found it difficult. I like your bit about the aerobic step, and might consider one. I own an exercise bike, and I have got to try the 30 minutes workouts dvd.

    Well done for your weight loss. I am going to see someone at the doctors surgery, with regards to a 12 week healthy eating and fitness plan. So hopefully this might help.

    Please keep in touch


  • Hi Suzy

    I know exactly how you feel!!!! I need to loose about the same as you. I am 51 and I have Psoriatic Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and it's totally daunting. I have yo yo'd all my life....I sometimes wonder if that is why I am actually here! I find it hard to walk around my home and climbing the stairs is like climbing Mount Everest. I feel Fat Ugly and Worthless, nothing but a pain! I really need a Buddy so if you want to take the journey with me please let me know! Kind Regards


  • Hi Linds, I would love to take this journey with you, and hopefully we can give support and encouragement to each other along the way. You do seem to have a more restricted lifestyle than mine, so that means I have no excuse. But as your movement is difficult, does it help to exercise lightly sitting down?


  • Have you seen the film "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!". It is by a an Australian man named Joe Cross and it is really inspiring. Although he juiced his way to health, you can do the same with whole fresh fruit and veg, nuts, seeds and legumes. He did it for his weigh loss, but his health issues cleared up too. Just google "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", it is just over 1 hr long. By eating more healthily, you will be surprised as to what health issues will also start to fade away. Eat natural unprocessed food. Make small changes, they all count, learn about food and what they put in processed food to make it more attractive to us. Read about the very positive health benefits in all natural foods, you will be surprised. Cut the junk. Humans are meant to exercise daily, it has very positive health benefits for us mentally and physically. Sweating is also a very good way of the body getting rid of toxins in the body, the more you exercise the better your circulation, the more healthily you eat the better the circulation, so put the two together and it is even better. The more you understand the easier it is to simply not buy the "bad" food, do not have it in the house, replace with healthy life giving fresh natural fruit and veg, good luck. Do it slowly and gradually add changes, then they become your new way of life, rather than drastic sudden changes that your body and brain want to rebel against!

  • Yes I've seen the film, it,s really great and something I have done before and occasionally do from time to time.

    I love fruit and veg so I love it.

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