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Global Corporate Challenge

If anyone can get access to the Global Corporate Challenge on gettheworldmoving.com this is a great way to get inspired to lose weight. I am doing it through work and have struggled with weight all my life and I'm now 40 and found something I might be able to stick to. It's hard work but it sort of makes you do it as your friends and colleagues can join in.!

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I am doing this as well with work. What is your team name? I am in PHP TROTTERS and it is getting quite competitive. One of the members of my team has set up a walking desk since they work from home and they are averaging over 40,000 steps a day! I am not going to go that far, but I have been making more of an effort to be more active every day :)


I'm doing it by proxy as my husband is doing it with his work and keeps wanting to take me out on walks after work. I'm super glad about this as I can get out there are burn some more calories.


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