Tight trousers

I have put my trousers on for work today, they are TOO tight so I am determined to be healthy today, I have had breakfast and already prepared my ham and egg salad, with low cal salad cream for lunch and my bottle of water at the ready. Is this the secret ... To be organised and not give in to temptation? I have weighed myself and measured my waist - I got a big shock at waist measurement and think this will spur me on. Have a good day fellow dieters x


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4 Replies

  • Planning certainly helps. When I have control of my days and can plan, I can keep to under 1400 cals and get adequate protein and fibre and not too much fat, sugar or salt because I can spread intake over the day and not be tempted by things being brought into the house by others. When I have less control/cannot stick to the plan, the calorie count creeps up to 1500 or more and I tend to over indulge in fat or sugar.

  • The dread of the unexpected and uplanned moments lead to disaster, I've had a week of no loss, over eating by about 200 cals , so bought peppers, cucumber and celery, just something to munch on!!

    I'm ok with my meals, went on hol on a cruise put on about 7lbs, went a bit aray before i went, now back to what i was last summer, hopefully nearer 10st 8lb ...............................now 11st 1lb and i hate it, all my summer clothes are too tight, haven't got long tho!!

  • Aren't those cruises great for weight gain? soooooo much lovely food, I wish you well.

  • We'll slowly I' m getting back to normal

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