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As any one tried Hoodia Pure 800

I have been taking it for about a month now, I have a very well balanced diet always have, alas my problem is

having a very hearty appetite since giving up work ! I'm very active, husband never puts a lb on.

The Hoodia as reduced my appetite but a big but I have not lost any weight since, in fact put a few lbs on ! It could be muscle I am a little puzzled tho ! I do keep a food diary so not going over my calorie allowance of 1,400, some times 1,200. I'm interested if any one else has tried it and the results !

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I tried it! Dont waste your money is all I can say. Did nothing for me. If you are doing all the right things, and you are absolutely sure that you are as active and healthy as can be and still putting on weight just go and see your doctor...there can be many reasons for weight gain and most of them are not serious. Also, perhaps you can try a different sport...it could be that your body is used to what you are already doing and needs a bit of a shake up...also, watch out for hidden fats and calories...the other day I saw a bottle of mayo that had 115cal per tablespoon!


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