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Which is your hardest week on the 12-week plan?

I've been having a look at the stats and overall, Week 9 of the NHS Weight loss plan (http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Documents/WEIGHT-LOSS-PACK/week-9.pdf) receives the lowest number of downloads. Any ideas why?

Here's a breakdown of downloads of the NHS Weight loss plan for May:

Week 170,665

Week 29,802

Week 34,330

Week 42,506

Week 51,843

Week 61,733

Week 71,582

Week 81,278

Week 91,049

Week 101,187

Week 111,203

Week 122,353

Week All*55,240

Total: 154,771

*Week All = people who downloaded the full 12 week plan in one go.

Download the NHS Weight loss plan: nhs.uk/LiveWell/weight-loss...

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I think its perhaps that people start getting results and then perhaps they become less motivated to continue because perhaps they think: 'Oh, this is nothing new, I know what to do now...' and then they fall off the boat. I think keeping one's mind focused is the key to successful long term weightloss. I get the weekly emails but I dont download the programme because I already printed them out. I was hoping that the e-mails would have contained more information...tips, recipies...ideas etc. Especially help linked to current life issues like for example...'surviving the barbeque season!' Or healthy snacks during the Football World cup...or info on giving your cupboards a diet makeover...Im sure all this info is on here in any way...but if you can use the e-mails to package them up to make it more appealing for people that would be super cool...perhaps the week 9 email can come with a warning: 'Dont fall off the boat!' ;-) Anyway, I think the programme is very nice and I am so glad that there is something like this for people to lose weight.

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I agree with this. I downloaded the whole of the 12 week program and by the time I got halfway through I was into a routine and I didn't look at the rest. I've lost 4st so far and I decided to sign up to the emaild hoping I'd get more info thsn just a reminder yo download. It would nice to have a service to subscribe to which would give you more hints and tips or seasonal advice such as healthy bbq recipes or ways not to over indulge too much at christmas.

I think recipes have been the key to my success so far. People know what they have to eat to be healthy, it's just not so easy for some of us to put that together on a plate as a meal.


Hi pinkymoo. We're working on a new recipe database...watch this space! Thanks for your comments.

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Hi yoyo-nono. Great feedback re: the emails. I'll look to address those gaps in our content.


Maybe people don't know about it, i only found it by accident, i was reading a book on Kindle and it mentioned to download info about 12 weeks walking 10k steps daily and i found your link that way.


When are you starting next 12 week plain please tell me I lost 10 kg and now I am stopi have to loss 10 more



Interesting stats. I don't know why, but I find them encouraging! Just about to start week 3. I was one of the majority who downloaded all weeks in one go.

From a starting point of 97.5 kgs, lost 2kgs in week 1, just under 1 kg in week 2 (now at 94.7), and feeling nervous about week 3. Not that my motivation is less, but the difference between weeks 1 and 2 worries me - my body seems to be reacting defensively! Downloaded the S&F podcasts yesterday, and plan to add that to my exercising as of today.


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How are you getting on chayes?


In my opinion the hardest weeks of the 12 week plan are actually after it has finished. Yes, the plan is great for its focus on lifestyle change, and on replacing bad habits with good ones, but after a few weeks/months it's easy to forget the advice and slip back into bad ways.

One of the main things that kept me on track during the 12 weeks was the pdf every week, with new topics to reflect upon: I actually began looking forward to them! Maybe we could have "2 months later" or "6 months in" pdfs, to help us review where we are, identify weaknesses in our diets, highlight trigger points for emotional eating, provide fresh exercise/recipe ideas etc?


I am loving the nhs 12 wk plan...just finishing wk 11 now and it's been my hardest week so far,

If I could change something on the site it would be the calorie counter( Nutracheck) there app is easier to navigate then the one on the nhs site and we need a diet buddy !!! Nhs app also to keep in touch easier,

But I'm still loving it and it has helped me lose 14lbs in 11 weeks,

No moans from me just suggestions.....


And when you leave a reply...I can never find it ??? Why not have it at the top of the page ? Am I doing this wrong !!!


And when you leave a reply...I can never find it ??? Why not have it at the top of the page ? Am I doing this wrong !!!


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