Present me vs future me

This is soo exciting! After my three week- 3kg weight loss, I decided to mKe a recording to my future self in case at some point I found myself being discourged! Nothing like encouragement from your heavier self telling you how it was feeling at that time! And I put on my phone and will be listening to it as I jog. Hahaha hearing myself say 'YOU CAN DO THIS, DONT GIVE UP.' is soo funny yet I found it working! Anything to keep me motivated... I would advise EVERYONE to do this! Its GREAT!

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  • I've been writing myself a blog to record how I'm feeling so I can look back when it's getting tough. I've been getting my hubby to take photos too and I've asked him to make me a montage to show how my body has changed because despite loosing 4st I still feel fat in places. I've got another 2.5st to go until I'm in the healthy bmi range.

    Good on ya. I might give some recording a go....coukd be tricky though as my exercise of choice is swimming!

  • Congratulations on such an achievement! I'll also try photos as well! What's you regime like?

  • I go swimming at least twice a week and do 1km in about 30 min. Then the rest of the week try to either walk, or do exercise videos I find on youtube. If I can then I walk places now rather than drive.

  • Thats partly what I have done. Youtube videos and walking, even entered in a couple of fun walk races. After my exams, I'm incorporating jogging into my schedule

  • I think you just have to choose something that you feel you'll be able to do first off then that gives you the motuvation to try harder or try new things. I had a go at running but didn't like the way my flab wobbled. Going to give it another crack now im less wobbly!

  • What a great idea! It would be great to listen to it at the gym too, if I could work out how to get it onto my iPod.


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