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Aerobic step - my best buy yet :)

Today I bought an aerobic step, I love exercise that I can do in front of the tv. Too often I sat down in front of the tv and had my dinner then found I needed time to let it digest then I just didn't move, unless it was to go to the fridge to get some chocolate. I just stuck Nashville on (I would love Hayden's figure so it's inspiration as well as entertainment) and got on the step, 15 minutes later my thighs are burning, my legs are like jelly and I have burned 232 calories according to MFP. Just 15 minutes and I've had a good workout, I should mention that i'm still 8 stone overweight so 15 minutes might not have the same effect for everyone but i'm feeling it :) And because it's quiet it didn't interrupt my watching tv.

I just thought I would share this with you all as a small change for a big difference. It cost less than £20 so less than a gym membership and it's in the privacy of my own home so noone can see my jiggly bits or my sweaty hair plastered to my face and I can do it at a time convenient to me while catching up with the stuff i've got recorded to watch.

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Well done on finding something that works for you. Exercising and watching TV - great multitasking !


Well done on finding something that works for you. Exercising and TV watching - great multitasking !


Hi What a great idea. I love step but never thought of doing it while watching TV. I'm going to see if I can get one and lose the 8 stone I need to lose too!

Good luck.


The Davina McCall step is the cheapest I could find, it's on offer at Argos at the minute for just over £16. It does say maximum weight 100kg but i'm over that and it's fine, and i'm not planning on being over it for much longer. Good luck :)


Good on you! wishing you a great success.


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