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Hi ive been on a calorie controlled diet on and off for the last couple of months and lost a stone and 5lbs without really exercising apart from walking my dogs. i been trying different fitness dvds but i cant seem to do all the exercises due to a knee injury that is permanent. its really frustrating as i feel its holding me back on my weight loss. Can anyone recommend any exercises that can help and doesn't involve any pressure on the knee. I've been told by my doctor not to run or cycle as it irritates my knee. Any suggestions would be greatly received.

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Can you do aqua aerobics? The water is good for resistance without extra pressure on your joints, not sure if you've tried that? Also saw someone on a different post had commented about the No Excuses workouts, had a look on Google and found this one - doctoroz.com/videos/no-excu...

Hope you find something that works,



Just looked at Dr Oz , Im recovering from an arthroscopy and his sit down workout looks good for me too..thanks Kate!


Thanks kate. I will take a look. Feel a bit self conscious at the moment, so not really liking the thought of going swimming but I feel the more weight I lose the closer I will get to the pool :)


Don't be self conscious there will be lots of shapes and sizes there, and the sooner you start the sooner you will reach your goal, Good Luck!


Julie at move it or lose it has dvds that you take part in while sitting they are designed for the over 50's but they could still help if you are not that age.


You can also email or phone Julie who will help you with the dvd to choose.

Hope this helps


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