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feeling down


Right I should of started last week and it never happend I started again so far its going well I had one sweet I need help to get my head around this I got a few do's coming up I don't know what wrong with me I don't like water I not keen on fruit and salad and when I see or smell food I want it I got a sweet tooth and I know in my mind to get on with it please help me with my day 1 x

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Sabrina1...Plan your food for the day and include a sweet snack or two but keep within your calorie allowance. Don't ever say "I can't have it" it's a reason to fail! Keep going Sabrina, cos you're worth it!

Sabrina1 in reply to Candystripe

thanks Candystripe I know what you saying; That I will do because I do plan but thinking of it never and a sweet plan. I now going to do this I end up having sweets last night then you feel bad and you think I start again tomo its hard to do. what weight have you lost and how long? are you on 1400 cal a day do you exercise ? This is the 1st time I talk like this I think this is good to support each other xxx

Candystripe7 stone in reply to Sabrina1

Hi Sabrina1, happy to help. Yes I am on the 1400 cals a day and have only been going for 10 days but have lost half a stone. I am an ex nurse and knew what I should be doing BUT never got around to it!!! I will certainly NOT be doing the couch to 5k, I could not run for the life of me as I have arthritis in my knees (and also hands) but I have seen various alternative exercises on the internet to follow. I need encouragement from you now to follow them. Perhaps you could be my personal trainer and tell me to do it!

Sabrina1 in reply to Candystripe

Hi yes it's hard got something in common u ex nurse and I am a health care assistant for the NHS as you know the smell of toast then the dinners and teas not forgetting the chocolate and cakes and you see them and eat them then you go for your breaks and eat more I do try to be good but every day there chocolate and cakes to say thanks I wish there ban it . Going back to yourself try swimming it a good all around exercise at the moment I just lazy .I am a member of the weight watcher club and I know it like the back of my hand I think when I go I just get weight and go maybe I need to stay and listen I want to do this NHS and so of join them together if that make scene. I know my mind is set on doing it wish is good if you can't swim try a dvd or a walk have you got a dog ? or just get some head phone just start off with 15 mins a build up xxx

Hi Sabrina,

I also dislike water, fruit and I don't see salad as people food but rather small animal food, it does not fill me and takes forever to eat, and basically I just don't like it. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change, this doesn't have to be overnight and it doesn't mean doing without, the last thing you should do is go hungry. You can still have treats, just in moderation. I used to sit down and eat a whole gateaux, the tv would go and the cravings would start. When I walk round a supermarket and smelled the fresh bread and baked treats I would pile them in my basket, it was just a bad habit.

Now I just don't buy the gateaux, I buy single sweets as if there's a packet in the fridge i'll eat them all, I get my shopping delivered so I can avoid the baking section, then when I need fresh veg I don't have to be anywhere near an area that smells tempting. Once you start cutting down you will stop wanting them as badly, it will get easier. I also take a long walk to the shop if i'm just going for a sweet that way I've used up some of the calories. The thing to remember is that there's no quick fix, you need to find something that works for you, if it's not working then try something else, if you force yourself you'll hate it and give up and just feel really down.

Good luck,


Sabrina1 in reply to katedaniels

thanks Kate I going to start adding a sweet treat because I never done that and you right when you shop it all in your face well I know I want to do it another down fall is bread salads are good on a hot day I need a kick up the ? lol thanks xxx

denvajade2019 October

Hi there take one day at a time, make yummy chicken and vege soup and eat as often as you need to keep filled up,

eat protein at every meal and plan a treat within you allowance, its hard work. I had to smile at the post about the gateaux, thats me to a tea, I would get out of bed and eat it at midnight if it was in the house.

Thanks can I ask how are you doing and how long have you been doing this for I am going to get my head around it I just need to get a grip of myself I do know all the rights and wrongs it just doing it u start off good then it like something took over you it mad thanks xxx

katedaniels in reply to Sabrina1

I've been doing it for 2 months and have lost 15lbs, I'm not doing the 1400 cals a day or the couch to 5k programme, I'm just making small sustainable changes. My latest thing is an aerobic step, just 15 mins burns roughly 230 calories which just happens to be the same number of calories in a Twirl :) I think anyone can find 15 minutes a day to exercise, I did it in front of the tv so I managed to exercise and catch up on my programmes. I did weight watchers and managed to lose just over 2 stone, then I hit the plateaux, was constantly hungry and just wanted chocolate and coke all the time, it was literally all I could think about and when the weight stopped coming off even though I was sticking rigidly to the diet I gave in, pigged out on everything that was bad for me and didn't stop for about a month. It just wasn't sustainable for me.


Yes I can swim but no I don't like to see myself in a swimsuit and definitely not in public. No, don't have a dog either, so walking is my only lifeline and on workouts on Youtube! I guess because we move around a lot with my husband's work, I don't have anyone to do this with so this is my only support. I really need someone to remind me to EXERCISE as it's never been my favourite pastime! C'mon Sabrina, we can do this. What day do you usually weigh yourself?

Hi Let get a plan going I just not been good . I went to weight watcher tonight and weight another 1lb heavy than last week . My friend coming to mind for a few drinks on Friday night so its Thursday now and I had a couple of drinks and diet gone threw the window . I need to be good Friday and just have a drink and relax include them with the plan . 1st step plan my food and 2 don't go over the top with drink which I know I won't with drink. Exercise do the house my friend coming to visit . And I need to go on here for support it hard for everyone and food we all love but I got to think of my goals . Now you need to do only 5 mins exercise just walk upstairs 4 time's and count how many minute then do another 4 late in the day so it does feel a task you breaking it up I could join you one lot in the morning and then afternoon and evening we could let each other know and talk about how we getting on I need a bubbly as well thanks x

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