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Tips and Help please! :(

So, I'm 23, 5 ft 8, Size 16/18, my weight is currently around the 20 stone mark. Which puts my BMI at 42.5. I've been a bigger girl all my life but when I see pictures of other women that are my weight they're a lot bigger than me! My weight doesn't hinder my professional abilities which are within Singing and Music but since graduating from University and trying to work in Music and I've come to realise I'm not going to get employed in particular jobs if i don't get my weight down. I've recently applied to work in the Army as a musician for troops and to do this I would actually have to complete initial Army training which would require me to have a BMI of 30 or less.

Having already told you my weight... This seems almost impossible. But also I don't understand my size compared to my weight? I thought I maybe just had a lot of muscle but according to the machine at the gym i'm 42% fat?

Help me i'm baffled :(

Nina :) x

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Hi Nina, my name is hayley. I'm 27years old 5ft 3 and a size 20 (not that I look it). I've been trying to lose weight for some time and it's been more difficult for myself as I've a knee problem due to an accident which happened 2 years ago. So fair I've managed to lose just over a stone by calorie controlling my diet, not eating out, not drinking and planning my meals. I've been reading loads of advice from loads of different sites that claim doing 4hours of exercise over 4days a week is the best way to boost your metabolism and lose weight that stays off. You should look at what your weigh needs to be to have a bmi of 30 and use that as a target. Setting realistic goals can give you a boost and bring you closer to your target. Try not to wonder why you don't look as big as what the scales say. People carry weight different and only you can determine what you want to way. Staying positive is the hardest part. Good luck :)


Blood type diet would help, it requires a more different view on food, more tailored than your average diet and reaps rewards too.


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