I need to get my mojo back!

Hiya all..wonder if anyone can help! ..I need to lose almost 4 stone in weight..and feel like this will never happen!! I am disgusted ive put all this weight on...and have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes that dont fit..im a comfort eater and eat when upset/stressed..anyone got any tips for how I can break this habit?!.

I want this so much x


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  • What will you do instead? New habits to replace old ones; practice when you aren't stressed so that they become ingrained for when the need arises.

  • Thanks for the quick reply..I really appreciate it! yes you are right. ..need to break the cycle quickly!

  • I am in the same boat got a wardrobe of lovely summer clothes that don't fit. Aiming to loose up to 101bs in June if I can but also feel stressed with life at the moment ! My tips try not to eat 3 hrs before you go to bed, don't have treats in the house so your not tempted and when feeling stressed read blogs on here and talk to your friends !!

  • Like all these positive ideas! Thanks

  • we will get there!!! x

  • I am taking each day as it comes...planning my food the night before to be in control..and gradually step up the exercise......where I have gone wrong before is starting out like a crazy woman, eating too few calories or cutting out food groups..and really going mad with heavy exercise....with a pretty unrealistic goal of loads of weight to be lost in a short space of time! !!!...unsustainable. ....but I've kept doing it!! crazy eh?!!...onwards and upwards and hopefully goodbye black leggings and long tops...my wardrobe staples!!!!

  • Never be disgusted with yourself , you are on a new and exciting journey . I found my clothes stop fitting me but refused to buy new ones . Before I started here was keeping a diary on my eating and decided to start off with keeping to 1600 / 1700 calories per day and this took sometime to achieve .Keeping to 1400 was a little harder but kept up with it but if I have a blip just refocus next week . I find not have treats around the house does help . You can make little changes by eating lower calories snacks . I love dairy milk chocolate but have as a treat if I have been good , not a big crisp fan but love quavers , found pastry dishes are the worst and cakes .Not a fan of the gym so get my exercise by walking my dog .

  • Hi all I'm 33 and in the same situation as you guys except I'm on high dose steroids daily which has a 3lb weight gain each month

  • Are you on them permanently?..can your gp advise anything?..I don't know much about steroids!

  • are you on them permanently? can your gp suggest anything? ..I dont know much about steroids!

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