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How can I increase my calorie intake from 1400 per day to 2000 per day without putting weight back on? Advice or ideas?

I have been following the NHS Choices healthy eating plan and eating 1400 per day for quite sometime now. I have lost 2 stone since last June and now down to a healthy BMI. I have been wanting to loose a bit more however I have now decided that I am happy at my current weight for now and that the pressure I am putting myself under to loose the finally bit is not worth it. I would like to increase my calorie intake to the recommended daily amount which is 2000 for women. How can I increase my intake without putting weight back on? I think I will probably have to increase the exercise I do to compensate. Anybody any advice or ideas?

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Well done on your weight loss.

See this article:



Thanks that NHS information is exactly what I have been looking for!


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