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amazing help!

Thank you to whoever posted about My Fitness Pal website - I am using it for the first time today and it is amazing - quick, has everything I can think of and is an eye opened. I've been maintaining weight and sometimes losing slowly, but then realise Nutella is 547 calories for one spread on bread!! That's more than for an evening meal. Try it if you have not done so already. I don't want to actually count calories but it's great to let someone else do that for me and just see how much I can eat and still stay within my limit, also I really love the way it tells me what weight I will be in 5 weeks if I continue to eat the same way. I really recommend the website. Suex

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I agree it's brilliant! Have you discovered that you can read bar codes with it? If you look at the Help section (click on the left on the app) you get helpful videos that show you how to use all its facilities.

It's amazing to get something so good that's free!



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Hi - someone here suggested my fitness pal to me and I haven't looked back since. I've been using it for 4 weeks, lost 8lbs so far which I'm pleased with. I log all my food/calories no matter what I eat/day I've had, because I want to change my long term eating habits and this way I have to face up to the consequences when things haven't always gone to plan as you discovered with the Nutella! I also log exercise done etc. it's such an easy tool to use. The more you use it, the easy it becomes - and it's free!


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