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Still trying

Still dont know where I am going wrong cant shift my weight at all I do havea few health issues think my new meds are stopping it ..or I might be in denial tried so many times on different diets then pile it back on now I have to lose it as ihave a fatty liver and other things like a wee problem with my heart and bad hips feel like gettinv a prescription for a gun .....

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Hi Blue

Sorry to hear you are having problems. If the NHS plan does not work for you, perhaps have a look at an alternative. I cannot eat anything with gluten in, so have had to find alternatives.

This may be a useful link, but you won't need the amount of protein suggested.


Perhaps have a look at the supplement Milk Thistle extract which is a traditional treatment for liver problems.


Thanks Penel not been trying long think I need to try a bit harder thou thanks for your tips and I will follow. up on them ...


If you may be in denial try my fitness fitness pal for a while and record everything that you are eating you may be surprised at the amount of calories I used to add a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds on my yohurt in the morning, but I have to say I can think of better ways to spend 80 calories......


Thanks prin.... will try anything I am taking it all in at the moment trying to find the right way for me ..this is a great

Forum and thanks for reply will just keep plodding on


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