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Day 1 and an unexpected realisation

So I think I kinda knew on some level that this was coming but how, when and what the realisation contained were a surprise.

Sat at home on my day off and i've only just got out of bed at 2pm. I was in work yesterday for 12 hours, exhausted, grumpy and feeling rotten from IBS. So I plonk myself on the sofa and eat what was within reach, a banana and a pack of jelly beans. I turn on the tv and switch to the guide. For some reason I put on "Obese: A Year to save my life" it's a 23 year old lad who lost his mum at 20. I watch the program and see how he changes and realise that a lot of my issues with weight and food come down to my lack of willpower. My lack of willpower is partially down to the years of bullying i've suffered.

I'm not happy, with my weight, my job or my lifestyle.

What i've done about it:

I started by looking at apps for my phone, finally stopped fooling myself about reasons i'm putting off going to a dance school i've been looking at and called them up, and contacted my doctor.

I've been looking into hypnotherapy to maybe help with the other issues I have and have made an agreement with my partner.

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Good for you! And good luck on your weight loss journey! I have IBS & am also taking antidepressants; I was also lacking motivation; I have a very lively 2 yr old & I want to be for enough to keep up with her. I started on Mon, good luck to you x



Well done and the realisation is the biggest step. Are you going to follow the 12 week plan? My tips are to plan your meals, not to get too hungry and to use smaller plates. If you want to increase your exercise, then couch to 5 k is brilliant. Good luck with your journey.


Very best of luck, you will get lots of support on here as many will understand and will encourage you. The main point is to look only at small targets, not the longterm one cuz it will feel so far off. I started hoping id lose my 2st excess in justba few weeks for my summer holiday... But now I realise it may take 25weeks!!!! So im now just weighing once every 2 wks and aiming for approx 4lb per month, which is more realistic .Slow but sure wins the race. Good luck to you.x




Self realisation is an excellent start I think - remember it's all within you , try to book in your diary some little things that make you feel good to look forward to - that's what I do - whether it's cinema trips or days out with a healthy picnic with the kids...


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