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Hi, I just wanted to say a quick hello! I am new to this site and have never used a forum before.

So I have decided I want to lose weight. Like so many people here, I have tried on a number of occasions, with little or no results. I was never really that bothered because I thought "hey I'm just curvy, I can lose the weight easily if I really wanted to". But now the weight has really started to creep up and I cant take it anymore. I am the heaviest I have ever been at just under 16st and dress size around 18. I don't feel good and I don't look good! Enough is enough! I have decided to try the NHS way, its free I might as well give it a go, and I have downloaded the Couch to 5k thingy.I hate running of any kind, has anyone used it? How did you find it? I really hope this is the time for me to stick with something and lose this weight, because I tend to get bored after a while! So I am trying the 12 week plan and am going to set myself a goal for around September to have lost the 3 stone I am aiming for. Realistic?

Anyway enough ramblings for now!


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  • Hi

    I've just joined as well. If you lose 2lb a week between now and Sep that will be 24lb in 12 weeks which is just under 2st. I'm scared of starting as I've tried so many different diets before. Was really successful on WW after my daughter was born lost 2.5 stone but have gained a stone over the past year.,Daughter is 26 months now. I wish you all the luck in the world. NHS recommend I need to lose 5st but I'll be very happy with 3.5lb. I'm aiming to lose it by the time I'm 40 - 13 months away! Very good luck x

  • Good luck to you too! It's so difficult isn't it starting out on something new! I am hoping this forum is going to be a great place for support. You will have to keep me updated on how you are doing ? X

  • I will do and you to me as well I'm not sure if we can friend each other or something like that?

  • I'm not sure to be honest? I'll give it a couple of days and I'll drop u a message to see how we are doing?

  • Cool that'd be great thanx

  • Hey, I've just joined and starting my first week tomorrow. I have tried couch 2 5k twice before but gave up by week 3 but don't let that put you off. Make sure you have enough time to dedicate to it and you'll be able to do it.

    I'm 21 and currently at 12 stone with a BMI of 29. If you want to have a chat just drop me a message :)


  • Thanks, I'm worried that I won't persevere with it. When ever I have tried running before I always imagine in my head people are laughing at me! I will try, it does seem to be a pretty cool app! X

  • Well done to you all for making the right choice. Please try not to look at it as a "DIET", instead look at it as a "NEW HEALTHY LIVING STYLE." The reason I say this is that for many many years I have been on one diet or another and ended up gaining more than I lost. Since changing my thinking into this being a new healthy living style I have lost more weight than I have ever done and it is still coming off, not to mention that my eating habits have changed, in fact my whole lifestyle has changed for the better - there is no way I will be even remotely tempted to going back to my old way of living. I've been using the NHS 12 week plan and the MyFitnessApp, both of which have been extremely helpful and instrumental to me staying on track. The help and support you get on here and MyFitnessApp is brilliant too. I look forward to hearing all your news as each of you travel along your new journey. Good luck, stay positive, and remember the story of The Hare and The Tortoise......Slow and Steady will make you the Winner :D

  • Hi, you are right! I always want to rush everything and get it done, i am NOT a patient person! I am trying to think of this as a new healthy me, but in the back of my mind there is a little voice saying "noooo this is a diet and you are going to fail". I then shut that voice up with cake usually! Oh its a vicious cycle! x

  • Lol that made me laugh a lot. You will conquer the little voice inside of you. Just think of it as a child you are disciplining! x

  • Welcome to the site!

    I started the c25k last summer when I was about 2 stone overweight and it was a challenge, but it helped me find a new activity that I enjoy. I found I really like running outside, but I hate the treadmill! I just joined a local running club and signed up for some 10k races :) If you find running boring, just try a few other things until you hit on an activity you find fun.

    In terms of a goal, 3 stone by September is probably too big a target. The most you can expect to lose is about 2lb per week on average. Most people find it more sustainable to aim for about 1lb per week. So, I would set a target of losing 1 stone by September.

    It might take 30 or 40 weeks to lose 3 stone. I know that probably sounds far too slow, but even losing 1 stone by your September deadline will make a massive difference to how you feel and there is no point in starving yourself and being miserable in an effort to make an unrealistic target.

    I'm sure, if you are like me, your weight has taken several years to creep up. It will take a long term effort to lose it and keep it off. Try not to think of this as a short term diet with a deadline, but instead a change in your lifestyle that will lead to a healthier fitter body. Good luck!

  • I had a difficult year last year and turned to comfort food more than I should have. So the weight really piled on! I need to find other outlets for when I am stressed rather than eating. I have to remember that it wont happen overnight and taking time will benefit me in the long run! Thanks x

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