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Back from a bug

Hi All

I hope you are all well

I have been laid low with Gastric flu

Not been able to do any exercise

But not been able to eat much either

Any way today I am fighting fit again and back to my exercise routine

Still not eating properly, but I'm sure that will come back

Next week I will be at the half way stage ie week 6

I have so far on this plan lost 8lbs and am down to 11st 13lbs

A long way to go, but I'm more than determined to stick at it

I'm not religiously sticking to counting calories, but being careful what I eat and how much I eat.

Making sure I do some sort of exercise every day, even if its only 15 mins per day its better than nothing

I've done 30 mins on Wii fit this morning and now I'm off for my walk to beach with the dog

He is a very energetic dog son keeps me busy with throwing sticks etc

I might even be tempted to go for a swim as temps are now hitting around 25c-28c

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Hi Helenbrunn,

So sorry to hear you've had Gastric flu, that must have been awful. Pleased to hear you're fighting fit again and back to your exercise routine. But do be careful, as you've only just recovered! Well done on your weight loss so far. You're doing really well. Hope you had a great walk on the beach with your dog. If you do decide to have that swim, then I hope you enjoy that too.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


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