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What am I doing wrong?


Its my first week and I'm following a 1500 cals diet (I know it should be 1400 cals, but the NHS BMI indicated that my calorie index should be between 2530-3253 cals). I walk 2 miles everyday which burns off roughly 700 cals. This morning I cheated and stepped on the scales and to my disappointment have lost nothing although my trousers feel a little loser then last week. As I understand a lb is around 3,500 cals and as I have deficit of 1000 cals a day, totalling 7,000 a week, shouldn't I be losing 2lbs a week....I'm feeling very low as I'm literally working my butt off and at the moment it seems for nothing...can anyone help and explain where I might be going wrong.


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Hi there, Sorry you're feeling so low. Weigh-ins can be really emotional times, I know myself. Although I think you're right on the 3,500 calorie deficit equation, be aware that there are lots of factors affecting our weight at any given time, including when we last ate, or had a glass of water, when we last visited the bathroom etc etc. The number you see can be a little hit and miss. So although the scales are the most common way we monitor our progress, they shouldn't be the only way. You write that you feel a bit looser in your trousers - this is another way to monitor your progress. Well done!! Perhaps you could take your measurements (eg chest, waist, hips) and check them on a regular basis. You could also try photographing yourself once a month, and compare previous photos for signs of progress (you might notice change in your face this way).

It sounds to me like you are following the calories advice and doing really well on your exercise. This in itself is real progress as it's about changing your lifestyle, not just about losing lbs.

Good luck and remember you're not alone!


Hi Deperateava,

In my humble opinion, what you're REALLY doing wrong is taking it all so very very seriously, like it's some mathematical or statistical problem.

Human weight is not a perfectly mathematical thing - there are just too many variables. Fat loss and fat storage, appetite and feelings of satiation (feeling full) are controlled by hormones which can be affected by various factors.

I'd advise just getting in to a good, healthy nutritious eating regime and upping the exercise/activity a bit and letting things happen. Almost always a person's weight loss journey will have blips and spurts (and sometimes a plateau), but really just ride the weight loss bus until you're where you want/need to be.

As long as on average your weight trend is going in the right direction and at a sensible sort of rate, e.g. not faster than about 1 to 2 lb a week on average - then you're doing fine.

Honest, it's not some championship sporting challenge or race, it's about getting into sensible and appropriate eating habits and exercise/activity routines that will help you lose weight and in due course maintain a healthy body weight.

If you're overweight, then it is highly likely to be because your current eating habits and exercise / activity regimes are inappropriate and are causing you to store fat and become overweight. That, of itself, means you are likely to become more overweight unless you take some action to change the situation.

If things aren't moving the way you expect, then you're first place is to look carefully at what you are really eating. Are you really counting everything you eat? Many people don't count some things, like what they eat when socialising, gravies or sauces, or G&Ts or lattes, or the biscuits with the cuppa.

Perhaps you need to have another close look at just what you're eating?

Desperateava - don't despair! I have the same problem but have read in several articles that muscle weighs more than fat, so as you shed the fat the weight may stagger or even go up a bit as muscles develop. I think it makes sense. Don't give up. Don't rely too much on scales. Keep up the good work.


It's not just about calories. How easily you lose weight can depend on your age, sex, general health, hormone levels etc. It can also be affected by the kind of food you eat.

As Doikosp has said you need to be eating nutritiously. From my point of view that means not too many carbohydrates, make sure the ones you choose are high fibre, and that you have cut out any foods with added sugar. Good quality protein is very important.

If you have changed the way you eat, your body will take some time to adjust, so don't despair after only one week.

I definitely thinking taking measurements will help rather than the scales, as tempting as it is to look at the stupid things! Also if your clothes feel looser to you, then to some extent that's what is important. According to the evil scales I haven't lost much, but my jeans stopped hurting when I sit down so I suspect the scales of foul play. Also these things take time. What if this week you're metabolism is getting a reboot and next week you lose four pounds? Likewise the fat to muscle thing also plays a huge part in weight. So weight doesn't matter so much to me because my skinny friends can be surprisingly heavy. I've even stopped filling in the nhs before and after the week because as far as I'm concerned it's been more detrimental to my motivation than helpful. Maybe you could just concentrate on the ticks and calories. The weight has to come off sometime right? Also as my partner (who is always bloody right) says, it's not going to hurt and you're not putting anymore on! Cheeky whatsit. Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps.

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