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Big weight loss this week!

I just have to share......I just proudly told my husband I weigh less than him! Since Sunday my weight has gone down 6 pounds! That sounds like I am starving myself right......but no still on 1400 cals per day ...doing week 4 c25k....only lost a pound last week so assuming body catching up with me! Anyway I am amazed! In four weeks I have lost 11pounds thank you nhs diets !

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Oh my goodness, this is fantastic news!!! Well done huggit, keep up the good work :D


Well done to you, I have only just joined NHS programme and am finding stories like yours so encouraging...have yet to lose my first 2lbs but hopefully see a change next Monday my weigh in day.


Hi, I don't calerie count because I don't no how to, I just keep them small and healthy. Any way we'll done


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