Thyroid specialist?

I have been googling thyroid specialists in my area and have come up with one at a private hospital who has done research on autoimmune thyroid disease...sounds just like the man for me! I've never gone private for this sort of thing before but my thinking is that as I will be paying him he will be more inclined to give me what I want and hopefully won't toe the party line as much as others seem to.

Any advice or thoughts anyone?

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  • I would love to know what they say... 2 years ago I started putting on weight. 18months ago I was diagnosed with under active thyroid. It has got me down so much. My GP just says stick with the diet it will be harder to loose weight! It's SO hard. I have been very fit, running swimming and competing in the odd triathlon. Then to top it I was diagnosed just before Christmas with rheumatoid arthritis. My immune system is obviously compromised!

    I had not considered a thyroid specialist, I suppose as everything goes through the GP!

    I will look into that too....

    Please post how you get on.

    H :-)

  • You poor thing. Thyroid problems are bad enough without being diagnosed with arthritis. Have you considered going gluten free? I am having trouble losing weight but if I was running triathlons and not losing I would be very unhappy indeed. I am no expert by any means but I would say you are definitely not on the right level/type of medication.

    Im not sure what to do re this specialist. I am loathe to spend money in case he is another of the "specialists" that don't have a clue :-(

  • Apart from cutting out gluten, some people with autoimmune problems find that moving towards a Paleo type way of eating can help with symptoms. I have coeliac disease and have found it very helpful for losing weight.

  • As of 3 weeks ago I have made a major change with my diet - cutting out bread and also all processed foods, especially sugar! I am eating way much healthier. Mainly did it for the RA as I feel I have to give my body a good chance! I have lost 4lbs.... I am also not feeling as hj gry or having cravings. I am back to full fat yogurts and cheese too!

  • Excellent! I am trying to cut all processed stuff out as well but nothing's showing up on the scales yet :-(

  • Yes I have read that Penel. The Autoimmune Paleo diet is recommened but to be honest I really have to take my hat off to anyone who does it! Ordinary paleo isn't too bad but I'm sticking with being gluten/ dairy free for the moment as I want to have a bit of a life as well!

  • Hope gluten and dairy free works for you. I took my time easing into Paleo, or as much of it as I needed. I'm ok now with low lactose dairy, but have had to give up some of the nightshades.

  • Hi infomaniac, I was referred to a specialist last year (having originally been diagnosed 14 years ago) and I have to say he was excellent - ran so many more tests and checked absolutely everything out that my GP had never bothered with. However, the reason my GP referred me was because he knew I had private healthcare paid for by work - the sheer number of tests that the private bloke ran I assume would have cost a fair whack! So while I would thoroughly recommend it in terms of getting better care than you would ever get from your GP (don't know if you're under an NHS specialist?), I would probably just check out how much the tests and follow-up tests would cost on top of the consultation fees before you go. I do agree wholeheartedly with the idea that they don't toe the party line! Good luck.

  • Hi Redhead, I haven't quite plucked up the courage to enquire re costings yet! I might get a shock but if it's not Monopoly money it might be worth it, especially if I get a good result like you have. In my experience when you pay you get better treatment. I'm sure I wouldn't get some condescedning, clueless git like many people on here seem to get if I was paying for the privelege...but you never know with my luck!

  • LOL, I'm sure you'd get someone lovely! Or at the very least someone who knows what they're on about! Let us know how you get on.

  • Will do ;-)

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