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Hi all. I've just started healthy eating and exercise in a bid to lose weight I'm currently 13st 12 and have set my goal at 9 st. A couple of years ago I lost a significant amount of weight dropping from 18 and half st to 11st all just by diet and exercise. However this time round I'm struggling I started out 7 months ago 6 week after giving birth to my daughter starting out at 15 st 10 so I have lost but now no matter how hard I exercise n eat well the scales don't seem to be budging!! This week for example I done Zumba Mon-thurs for over an hour and treadmill 30 mins brisk walking everyday and Friday I did biggest loser DVD and I also do 250 reps on tummy toner and have got my fitness pal app so log all my cals and exercise in there which according to that in 5 weeks time I should be over a stone lighter so where am I going wrong I don't eat extra cals cause I've exercised I just stick to 1200, I'm going to Spain in July so really want to lose as much as I can before then any advice and tips would be appreciated never had problems shifting weight before


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  • Hi. Can I join you. Have put on over two stone in a year and a half now. I feel so unhappy, unfit and got no cloths fitting anymore. Everyday i said i will start tom, i will start tom but tomorrow never come. As summer is here i really want to feel comfortable showing flesh but at the moment i just want to hide. Looking for blender to have smootjie breakfast. Got gym membership but always cxd my classes as being at home is more attractive than working out.will share my help and tips as they come in. All the best and come on monday so we can start loosing weight...woop woop!!!

  • Hi mrslawes76, I was exactly the same! Knowing I'd lost weight easy before (well I say "easy" not really) but just had the frame of mind of will start tomorrow I will do it again and after booking holiday it's give me the push I needed!, would be great for you to join me give us both the extra motivation and support, Im trying a rest day today and some walking tomorrow and then hit it hard on Monday again my weigh in is Saturday's so hoping the change will see the scales lower next week! Ha as I worked super hard and only maintained this week :-( but at least it wasn't a gain I supposed

  • Have you considered the 5:2 Diet? I've tried so many diets in the past and always piled the weight straight back on again as soon as I stopped dieting.

    Then in August 2012 I watched an amazing BBC Horizon programme called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" vimeo.com/54089463 and in my sixties I'm very keen on living longer as long as I'm fit and well! I took from the programme eating from smaller plates and not nibbling in the evenings, but wasn't sure what else to do until Kate Harrison brought out her book that autumn called "The 5:2 Diet" (it's on Amazon and Kindle). By the New Year I'd lost two stone by eating up to 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week, and felt so great that I started the NHS Couch to 5K running programme (I hadn't run since hating it at school) and went on to lose another stone.

    By April 2013 I'd lost three stone (42 pounds/20 kilos) and have kept it off ever since by just 'fasting' for one day a week and I run three times a week. I was a fat couch potato for years and now I've never been so slim or so fit and healthy and I'm now 64!

    My daughter is now losing her baby weight this way and she was over 13 stone too and thought this way of eating wouldn't work - but she too is losing about 7 pounds a month.

  • Hi, congrats on your success. I haven't tried that diet myself but have heard about it, I will keep it in mind to try :-)

  • There are some great Facebook groups that will help motivate you. It's far easier than you think it's going to be and it works!

  • Hi there, good on you! wish I could lose like that. Do you have one day a week adding about 300cal just for the day, that is supposed to trick your body, because now your body thinks it is being starved. just a thought. keep in touch so we know how you go.

  • Hi, well I'm hoping to go on to lose again like that! When I did it before I had a "free day" on Saturdays after weigh in but this time round with holiday coming I thought if I didn't then I'd lose more but that's not proving to be the case! Ha so I tried my free day yesterday so will see how I go on this week will keep you all posted

  • good on you, you have motivated me, please do keep us informed.Trish

  • I trying the 1400 calories and finding it really hard to maintain maybe you should increase your calories and look to only losing 1 to 2lbs off a week but have you thought you might be losing inches off your body , that's what happen to be .

  • Yeah I've thought about upping my calories a little and I do occasionally go over 1200 as is, I really should start measuring myself too cause I've been through some clothes today and found some tight fitting ones that now fit! And a top I've been waiting to slim into is now too big!!

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