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Determined to lose Weight

Hi All,

I am trying hard to lose weight, eventually I tend to become lazy for my morning Jog or my irregular periods makes me avoid gym. I tried General Motors diet, workout but as time passes I become irregular. I wish to get support from all my fellow beings who are struggling to lose weight just like me. I recently got my thyro results and doctor has given me meds of Thyroxine. I am totally worried about my future. I am 24 yrs old and weigh 72 Kg. Totally devastated about this sudden increase in my TSH. I will keep posting my updates and praying hard for better results in my life now.

Thanks for reading it.


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The thyroxine will help as part of your problem will be down to your thyroid problems, it will also help with your energy levels. My hubby was diagnosed 3 years ago & lost 2 stones in less than 3 months when he was put on the correct meds. his energy levels also increased so he found himself actually wanting to exercise instead of dreading it. Your thyroid affects everything that goes on in your body so it may help with irregular periods too. It's a very positive step going on these meds, just make sure you keep eating healthily & you'll see & feel like a new you in no time


Thank you Claremont 15 your words are so supportive. I have my periods now which has been for irregular flow for nearly past two weeks and really confused if I can work out or run during this time. I am diagnosed for Hypothyroidism just couple days ago and the doctors had told me that my TSH level is a bit high and had suggested Thyroxine 25 mcg. I am going for an second opinion to a Endocrinologist for better clarity. I have installed an app to help me during workout and jogging. Will keep posting for my improvement. Hoping for the best.


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