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will my exercise/diet plan work?

im 24 around 6'1 and somewhere between 190-210lb, sorry its not more accurate my scales are maybe broken i think, erm mainly want to lose stomach fat, everywhere else is fine, i have an exercise bike because i suffer a lot with anxiety its worse when im outside, so i try maybe 20-30 mins a day so far, family members have suggested raspberry ketones and green coffee extract to boost metabolism? ive never really tried such things but im aware so many people hate on them, as for diet, well im stopping takeaways and cutting down as much sugar as i can, i dont really drink alcohol much but i can cut that out too, i have breakfast on a morning, usually cereal, a sandwich for around mid day and a cooked meal for tea, the point of me coming on here is to ask if it will work and for advice, if i know that i can keep being determined but if not i generally just stop and giveup im hoping to end up at 160 - 170 lb whatever is healthy for a guy, i dont think im over weight right now just chubby. thankyou

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Hi Shadow911gt,

It sounds like you have some good plans for a successful weight loss journey. You are planning to do regular exercise (your 20 to 30 minute cycling on your exercise bike) and you're cutting out some takeaways and cutting down on sugar. You are getting 3 meals a day. Some people have a snack mid morning and mid afternoon as well to keep the metabolism ticking over.

I find that porridge is a great breakfast and I find it fills me up more than cereal. Also, some cereals can be high in sugar - it's good to check out their contents to see what yours is like.

Regarding your weight - it can be useful to look up your BMI (body mass index). There are some online tools to calculate that - I personally use the one that is called the 'New BMI' because it has been suggested as being more accurate for taller people. I am 6 feet 1 inches tall, so the same height as you. You should aim for a 'healthy BMI' of between 20 to 25.

The NHS website has a great 12 week weight loss plan which is structured and helpful. Have you seen it? It can offer you some practical suggestions, and also there are lots of posts on this site that can suggest some useful things that people have found helpful on their personal weight loss journeys.

I hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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I think you'll lose weight the way you're going at present. It's my belief that almost any sensible weight loss/weight control plan will work if you're a young active person, which you are. I wouldn't bother with raspberry ketones or green coffee extract. These are gimmicks and the only weight you'll lose will be from your wallet, not your waist.

Sugar is the big baddie and, unfortunately, it is added to so many things, so much snack food in particular. Almost all breakfast cereals have sugar added and don't need sugar on top. If you have time, try some form of protein for breakfast - an egg? Protein keeps you going for longer.

Best wishes

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thanks for the help :) i would try a diet plan like the nhs one but i cant eat fruit, ive tried all of them pretty much but it makes me feel sick, same with most salad things, but the drinks are an option, im also trying v8 drinks and maybe protein drinks as theyre supposedly good :) but once again thanks


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