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Beginner to running and gym

I have signed up to my work place running club and also my local gym. Today is my 2nd run with my collegues and later this evening I am doing a Body Balance class. I am very nervous about the class, but I know I have to lose the weight and not lose heart, as I lack motivation at times.

I am looking forward to getting to know other members on here .

thanks for reading

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Hi Caz1972, sounds like your doing great!!! Running with friends will definitely keep the momentum going I think. And going to an exercise class is really good. I'm trying to lose weight but I lack motivation too sometimes and then give up. I'm going to start the couch to 5 K this week I hope. My diet isn't too bad but portion control and my sweet tooth lets me down. Anyway I'm giving it a go again. Good Luck this week.


Body balance is really good!! It's a mixture of tai chi and yoga with a bit of light meditation at the end. I was crap at most of the poses and moves can't balance for toffee but I had a good laugh doing it and always came out feeling refreshed and energised. Our leisure complex has closed down for a massive refurb so I no longer go now. I did try the c25k managed to get to wk 2 but I get paranoid running in public lol x


Hi both thank you for your messages they have helped me feel more positive. I am back to the gym today for my first training session with the weight machines. I am excited and scared. Kouzalis72 don't give up on the c25k. I started last year and in the beginning I was paranoid that people were watching me. I would just listen to Laura and the music this helped me get over the feeling of paranoia. If you would like weekly encouragement we can chat on here.

thirtle72 I struggle as well with my portion size and sweet tooth. I have started eating more fruit and buying a special k bar instead of the yummy chocolate bar. I feel better and still get my chocolate fix. Good luck to you both xx


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