How much do you pay for your gym membership?

I am about to join a gym! I have to use the one closest to me, or I wont be able to go as much as I would like (3-4 times a week). They charge £48 p/m for unlimited use of the gym, classes and pool, steam room, Jacuzzi etc.

I don't think that's too bad, as I'll be using it often.

I am just curious as to how much you all pay for yours? Is £48 about the average?

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  • Morning Cleggie34, I'm with a gym called "The Gym" and pay £15.99 a month all inclusive and they're open 24hours which is a bonus......the only downside is that they don't have a pool.

  • Hehe, that's an original name for a gym ;) Thanks for the feedback!

  • I know, right! Here's the link so you can check it out..... ;D

  • I have a gym membership with Council run leisure centres and they cost £40 per month if you're working, and £17 a month if you're in receipt of certain benefits (eg Housing benefit,Income support etc)

  • Thanks for the feedback. I am working so cant get any concessionary fees. They doi an offpeak membership, which allows you to use the facilities from 8-5 Mon-Fri, but that's no good for me either as I work till 3pm, then pick the kids up from school etc. By the time I get home its already 3.45 so not enough time.

  • Hi Cleggie34, I currently pay £26pcm for gym, classes, pool and health suite which is the cheapest I have came across for a membership including pool use. I am happy to pay more for the pool as I use it between 2-3 times a week and even that makes the membership better value then PAYG. Thats at my local council ran sports center. But as JitterbugSs said you get it cheaper if you get certain benefits, meaning as I've been let go from work I should really sort that out. At my local gym I think the price drops to £20 if you get certain benefits. Mine is currently a month by month membership, if I signed up for a year minimum I'd save a pound a month more :P

  • Hi Cleggie34, when I was a member I paid about £35pm for my local council leisure centre and that included everything: gym, all classes, swimming pool etc. The big bonus for me was that my membership counted at *all* the council-run centres in my city, so I could pick and choose from lots of different sessions and facilities. I worked near one gym and lived near another, and passed a third on my commute. Very convenient!

  • Ahh, I am so jealous of the lower prices :D however, I think that £48 p/m is well worth it and I am viewing it as an investment in my health :)

  • Mine is 29 pounds

    I don't like the gym so do lots of classes I schedule in12 per week but there are always occasions that mean I can't do them all, so do 6-8 per week, so less than £1 per class, there are loads of clients that subsidise my fee as they pay but don't go for the 3 times per week to make it worth while

  • I am very fortunate that my local authority gym is £15.00 a month for an individual and £20.00 for a whole family. This includes all classes, pool, steam room etc. It is brilliant value.

  • I pay £39 a month for my membership at Bannatynes. I could get gym membership for as low as £19 if I just want a gym, but at Bannatynes it's a spa as well and I swim a lot so a pool is essential for me. I often have the pool to myself. Classes are all included - in fact there are no extras apart from beauty treatments. I think £39 is very cheap because I used to belong to David Lloyd's for 13 years, but I left when the membership hit £100 a month - and that was 6 years ago.

  • Hi, Im with JD gyms at 19.99 a month free acess to all areas including classes, sauna and sunbeds (ok sunbeds r a quid for 3 mins )) all from 6am till 10pm and im loving it, not lost anything though as my muscles are getting bigger

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