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4lbs lost in first week on Weightwatchers simple start plan

Following a second blood test showing high cholesterol and a fatty liver, my doctor gave me a slimming referral and last week I started at Weightwatchers. First weigh in last night and I had lost 4lbs.

There is no points counting on this plan just sensible eating from a list of food that is almost entirely added sugar and fat free. First couple of days were hard but am now chugging along quite nicely.

Roll on next week.

Good luck everyone

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Hi Bigmumma,

Congratulations on your weight loss. Really pleased to hear you've had such a successful first week. Sounds like it's going well, and hope you have another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you Lowcal. Have a good week too.


Sounds like you've found something that suits you, which should make sticking to it easier and give you the results you're looking for - great! Congrats on the first 4lb loss and good luck with the rest!


Thank you Burntsun. Good luck to you too.


If it works for you then stick with it. Good luck to you!


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