Trying to loss weight after injury

I broke my ankle last year. Before I was very active and now walking causes me pain. My surgeons answer was to loose weight so here I am.


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  • Hi mc15, I'm having the same problem as I had my foot reconstructed almost 3 years ago and have put on 4 stone :( But have been trying to watch what I eat and have dropped 31pounds so far. Walking is a nightmare as is most exercise equipment (crosstrainer, bike, treadmill) so I'm not sure where to go from here as weight loss has plateaued. Going to get an appiontment with the doctors this weekto see if they have any ideas in their weight clinic. If nothing else, they might be able to put me in touch with others. I've just joined here to see if it might help too :)

  • Hi Jules. Its good to know im not the only one who's struggling. My surgeons keep telling me to lose weight but its not so easy when exercise is hard. It can be very depressing. Well done on you weight loss so far, thats a great achievement.

    I am only on day one and its the first time ive counted calories.

    Glad ive found and can offer some support.

    No one so struggles alone

  • Hi,

    I too struggle with exercise but not for the same reason. I am so obese that many exercise is painful or I can't do it. There are some exercises online that are for obese people that don't put a strain on the joints etc. perhaps you could try some of them until your injury is better. Also, swimming is great. Good luck.

  • Hi,please could you tell me where to find these exercises as I also struggle because of injury and being obese. I agree swimming is great, also some pool's have aqua aerobics classes for ladies so you don't feel self conscious,sorry don't know about classes for men! Good luck!!

  • May just type exercises for obese and see what comes up.

  • Thats a really good idea thank you. I tried swimming but really struggle to get out as my ankle doesn't bend too well.

  • We got a group of us together and arranged transport. I also found gentle stretching exercises helped my ankle after I broke it,start with 5 rep's twice a day and gradually increase, point your toe's, then pull them back,also slowly rotate your ankle clockwise and anticlockwise, stop if you feel uncomfortable, but persistence pay's off.

  • Thank you

  • There's a young woman named Leanne Grose who had a leg amputation and she has devised exercises based on her wheelchair. She has a DVD - maybe you could google it.

  • Thank you

  • You don't need to exercise to lose weight, in fact I'll stick my neck on the block and say there is very little relationship between the two. Get your Food/Diet right for fat loss, exercise when you can, for health and wellbeing.

  • Actually!

    Increasing your levels of exercise and activity does aid to re-set some of the hormones that have changed as a result of a person putting on excessive body weight / carrying excessive fat. The predominant other factor is to lose the excess weight itself and most of the other hormones which impinge upon appetite, satiation, fat storage and fat burning, will re-set to more or less the way they ought to be for a 'normal' weight body.

    Those hormone changes, by the way, are a significant part of the reason why overweight people generally continue to get more and more overweight.

  • Those initial hormone changes are not due to "putting weight on", those hormone changes are usually due to a poor carbohydrate rich diet. The weight gain is simply a Symptom of that metabolic poor health. The weight gain then impacts further on the Endocrine system so you end up with a snowball effect. It's worth noting there are lots of "Thin" people that are also metabolically unfit.

    Exercise is a vital part of health and wellbeing for many many reasons, but in my personal opinion Weightloss is not one of them, at least it's not as high on this list or as important as we are made to think it is. In simple terms we seem to have this idea (because it's forced upon on us) that if we go do an hour of Cardio for example and we've not eaten enough to fuel that the we'll burn it from stored Fat and from what I've learned and experienced that's simply not true. In simple terms you're just as likely to burn muscle as you are fat (once other resources are depleted), which is not only detrimental to your weight loss (Fat loss) plan, it will impede on your future health and ability to maintain any weight-loss.

    On top of that if you exercise and don't fuel that exercise you will do less, you won't exercise to your full ability, you just can't, that might not become apparent at first but eventually the cracks will start to appear, especially when you body starts putting off less important tasks like cell repair, muscle growth etc. So in simple terms with all the best will in the world, if you exercise, you'll eat more or you'll do less.

    I don't want to waffle on or get into a heated debate with anyone, the point I am making to the Original Poster still stands, there must be a hundred posts plus within this community where people have said they are concerned that they can't or won't lose weight because they are unable to exercise, this simply is not true.

    Mc15 I lost my first 10 stone, without doing a simple stroke of anything that could be even remotely classed as exercise, I did not even walk anywhere because most of the time I could not. Get your food intake right and you will lose as much weight as anyone else.

    Best Wishes.

  • Well done on losing all that weight.

  • Thank you everyone for your posts. I managed to lose 4pounds this week with just calorie counting. Think it just helps me keep track of what ive eaten which seems to work for me.

    I used to love doing exercise which is why im so frustrated not being able to. I have manager to walk part way to work about a mile a few days last week,so im pleased with that.

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